I imagine Dalle sometimes sits there, having a big lubricious laugh. Directed by Jean-Jacques Beineix. “He introduced me to Mickey Rourke. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Me, I like hardcore. on. I would describe it as world cinema / art-house with a black humour content that I found very funny at times, alas the last 20 minutes is both sad and poignant as Betty descends into madness. Akagkacu740. Gabriel Yared : ' C'est le Vent, Betty ' from ' Betty Blue ' ( 37°2 le matin ) by PSearPianist. Betty Blue. It … Her wish to work in English cinema, The Happy Prince notwithstanding, has not materialised. Dalle, though, doesn’t agree with fellow French actors Catherine Deneuve and Brigitte Bardot about the alleged Anglo-Saxon puritanism behind the #MeToo movement. “Why not? I never wanted a Hollywood career. Onsite Associates Program . “Eric’s a great friend of mine,” she says of the former footballer. Review: Jean-Jacques Beineix’s Betty Blue on Cinema Libre Studio Blu-ray Introducing the world to the galvanic, incomparable Béatrice Dalle constitutes the only noteworthy facet of Betty Blue . “I’m much more interested in the world of rock than that of music,” she says now. Special Features:Blue Notes and Bungalows, a sixty-minute documentary from 2013 featuring Beineix, actors Jean-Hugues Anglade and Béatrice Dalle, associate producer Claudie Ossard, cinematographer Jean-François Robin, and composer Gabriel Yared Making of “Betty Blue,” a short video featuring Beineix and author Philippe Djian Le chien de Monsieur Michel, a short film by Beineix from 1977 Joseph Jon Lanthier. It is based on the 1985 novel of the same name by Philippe Djian.The film was the eighth highest-grossing film of the year in France. © 2021 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. She headed for Paris, where she became part of an indie rock subculture, living off shoplifting and falling for Jean-François Dalle, whose surname she adopted. Details: 1986, France, Cert 18, 121 mins. “I’ve held a grudge against Beineix for that ever since,” she says. I wander over to her church, the nearby Saint-Denys du Saint-Sacrement, and savour Delacroix’s Pietà in the Chapel of the Virgin. “Think of how he hangs on the cross with his hips swung out.” She imitates his pose. Customer reviews. Having burned their bridges at the beach, they move to the city to live with a friend of Betty’s. In addition to "Playboy," Betty also posed for a few other men's magazines. That happened with Harvey Weinstein. Betty Blue Bistro: Awesome burgers! Review: Betty Blue: Director’s Cut. Surely that’s sexist? I’m a punk to death – Sid Vicious is in my soul, but at the same time I love the dandy. But when I look at my career, I know I’m a good actress. “Bah ouais,” she replies as we chat in a cafe near her apartment in Paris’s third arrondissement. Wear Blu Betty. Betty Blue is a 1986 French erotic psychological drama film. “I love Christ because he invented bondage,” she says, laughing shamelessly. Florianpfeiffer. Betty Blue Bistro: Great bistro style breakfasts - See 649 traveler reviews, 371 candid photos, and great deals for Hermanus, South Africa, at Tripadvisor. “You know, the boss?” Why do you love him? I’ve never thought I’m beautiful, but I have a power of attraction.”. In one remarkable scene, Zorg, in the foreground, keeps his cool while Betty, in the background, throws everything he owns out of the windows. It’s how these men get denounced and then you see all these images of these same women posing arm-in-arm with them. Its original French title is 37° 2 le matin, meaning "37.2°C (100°F) in the morning". 4.2 out of 5 stars. Tell me about your religious faith, I say, nodding at her tattoo. After Looking for Eric, Loach must do a biopic called Finding Béatrice. “He’s intelligent, he respects people.”, Plus, I suggest, he has something that can still make her come over all unnecessary – an English accent. This week's films. @billicritic Wed 13 Apr 2011 18.00 EDT First published on Wed 13 … A chill passes through the upstairs room of Le Progrès cafe. 8 years ago. I think if the sex was toned down and there was a bit more of the comedy/romance in the centre than this could easily be part of the IMDb top 200. Film, Drama. How could I say no?” Dalle hasn’t seen the results. 46:47. Join the Blu Betty Tribe with a pair of these beauties and never have the “I have got nothing to wear” struggle again!! For once I urge you to respect that law. Ugly Betty S04 E03 Blue On Blue. “I needed a green card to work with Abel Ferrara [on his film The Blackout]. “In solidarity with women, I support #MeToo and the women who have been maltreated. Betty Blue. © 2014 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companies. 12 years ago . Betty Blue Bistro, Hermanus: See 649 unbiased reviews of Betty Blue Bistro, rated 4.5 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #2 of 119 restaurants in Hermanus. I love you Johnny Rotten!”, Dalle is like an amiably gobby mate with an appealingly foul mouth. “Because I’ve always worked with auteurs.” Among them are Michael Haneke and Claire Denis. Betty Blue, Actress: Not Tonight Henry. In fact, it’s the one round the corner on the Rue de Turenne. Dalle, 53, agreed to be interviewed to support her former lover’s directorial debut, The Happy Prince, in which Everett stars as Oscar Wilde during the Irish writer’s last days in Paris and Dalle plays the patronne of a cafe he frequents. If cackling were an Olympic sport, she would win gold for France. Photo: Cinema Libre Studio. Gap-toothed, black-clad, red-lipped, brown-eyed, a tattoo of a cross on her left wrist and crucifixes dangling above her cleavage, she has something, all right. Write this down. Rather, she is proud of being Betty: “There are lots of English and American rock musicians who’ve done homages to me as Betty. One of my exes is a rapper. Great Service - See 649 traveler reviews, 371 candid photos, and great deals for Hermanus, South Africa, at Tripadvisor. from Eurowide. I love Sid Vicious and I love Prince Charles.” I understand the former, but the latter? You could be a beggar in the street and, with an English accent, you would be very chic.” She tells me she became besotted for that reason with the Clash’s late frontman Joe Strummer, whom she met while filming Jim Jarmusch’s Night on Earth. Betty Blue Movie Review **SPOILER ALERT** by Fish Jelly. Ugly Betty. Last modified on Fri 8 Jun 2018 09.57 BST, Can it really be true, I ask Béatrice Dalle, that you seduced the English actor Rupert Everett? 4.2 out of 5. I was supposed to be in Pulp Fiction and I would have liked to work for Tarantino but I couldn’t make it, and they gave the role [of Fabienne, the girlfriend of Bruce Willis’s Butch] to a Portuguese actress [Maria de Medeiros]. You will also find a rich selection of wines from Tuscany and from all over Italy. Ugly Betty - S4 E3 - Blue On Blue. Review by vhrk. “When I went for auditions there were many superb actresses there, well known, magnificent, but I was better.” She declines to name them. At first, Betty seems impulsive, slightly violent, but not too dangerous. I’ve been a big friend of Mickey’s for 30 years now. Available for everyone, funded by readers. I’m loyal to those I love.” Is Everett still a friend? Betty Blue is one of my top 200 films of all time and while it has its limits and its faults (it does sag a little in middle) it remains a powerful piece of work about living with crazy people and how easily good times can slip in to bad. “I knew I would never find another girl as good as Béa,” he recalled. Mark Kermode reviews Betty Blue (1986) | BFI Player - YouTube Support The Guardian ... Dalle had just become internationally famous as the femme fatale Betty Blue in Jean -Jacques Beineix’s 1986 film of … Maybe you don’t like the music or whatever, but it’s a cry, a cry from the street.”. Worn to perfection with our Lillo in Black Haute Jungle xxx Also featuring, the Camden Black is beautiful, elegant and the tote bag around!! Rupert is super dandy, a guy who dresses beautifully.”. All rights reserved. No one left Béa.”. “I haven’t seen it for ages.” I tell her that I thought it was sexist. “Rage Against the Machine, Dead Kennedys. “Rupert is more than that. There were the actresses who denounced him – very good. I live on my own. “Oh, I couldn’t play that role,” she says. “I’ve never lived with a guy I’ve married or loved. That the film was adapted from a novel is gawkily evident not only in the bare details of the above synopsis. He’s in my heart until the day I die.” Why? “Why sexist?” Well, it’s not so much the lingering shots of Dalle in the nude as the storyline. Cinema Libre Studio . After Gremlins and The Goonies, what other 80s films need a remake? She also is not too easy on Zorg. I’d been convicted recently of possessing heroin and cocaine, and so this consul says: ‘You’re not the kind of person we want in America.’ He spoke to me disrespectfully. 49:32. Dalle has always guarded her independence though. Really?”, Did you ever meet Weinstein? All accompanied by an excellent buffet with pizza, meats, cheeses and roast potatoes. Its original French title is 37° 2 le matin, meaning "37.2°C in the morning". There is this law saying minors should not sleep in the street. “Hell, no. Photograph: 20th Century Fox . Betty Blue. Tia Betty Blue's: Freakin' Awesome Breakfast - See 117 traveler reviews, 39 candid photos, and great deals for Albuquerque, NM, at Tripadvisor. But didn’t it cost her a Hollywood career? Published. 18:28. I was going to marry him at one point. “It’s true. Are you rich? The world has seen Dalle as a bombshell who gets murdered by Jean-Hugues Anglade’s character in Betty Blue, a sexy vampire in Claire Denis’s Trouble Every Day who gets murdered by Vincent Gallo (there’s a theme emerging here), and even a volatile alcoholic mathematician in Patric Chiha’s Domaine. With Jean-Hugues Anglade, Béatrice Dalle, Gérard Darmon, Consuelo De Haviland. Today, she has just finished her well-received Paris collaboration with director Virginie Despentes, in which the pair narrate sections from Italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini’s memoirs. “Ever since I was a little girl I loved him and detested Princess Diana. They don’t become arseholes just because we stop seeing each other, you know? Betty Blue 1986 ★★★★★ Watched Apr 13, 2020. vhrk’s review published on Letterboxd: Quelques secondes après l'écoute de la musique du carrousel de pressentiment d'ouverture et même avant la scène de sexe suivante, je savais que j'étais dans une balade de 3 heures. By. Then you'll read it for yourself and understand that no one is exagerrating when they say that this book destroyed them, that it is a beautiful yet horrific masterpiece, that … “Carnivorous, animal, beautiful and monstrous, wounded and gentle, devouring and devoured, welcome to the Lucrezia Borgia of Béatrice Dalle,” began Le Monde’s rave review. You know what’s really respectable with rap? 4:22. The film was directed by Jean-Jacques Beineix and stars Béatrice Dalle and Jean-Hugues Anglade. “He’s very sexy, no?” A final cackle, a quick selfie, two kisses and she’s gone. He lives a quiet and peaceful life, working diligently and writing in his spare time. But you know what I find bizarre? “I love you, Jesus Christ!” For a moment, I don’t understand what she’s saying. She ignores the question and stands up to make her point. Do your job politicians and house the children.’”, Four years ago, Dalle made her theatrical debut in Victor Hugo’s Lucrezia Borgia as the daughter of the Renaissance’s most debauched papal family. I’m really proud of that.” There’s a woman who calls herself Béatrice Valle. The Guardian - Back to home . “I love you Gary Oldman! 377 global ratings. 2.0 “What he said is really important, especially now when you look out the window even here and see whole families on the street. And I’m very good on my own. Shop Betty Blue - Director's Cut [1986] [DVD]. One day in the mid-80s, Dalle was walking around Paris and got snapped by a passing photographer. She once told Marie Claire magazine: “I’d rather have a Bounty than a baby.” Motherhood is one of the few things not on her CV. What happened? She had faith and you could do no wrong; until ... that attention would be switched off, like an electric light. “Jesus!” she says incredulously, pointing upwards. I don’t have a car, I don’t own my place, I don’t have a house in the country. 49:32. Béatrice Françoise Odona Cabarrou left her mum and dad in Le Mans aged 14. “I went to a Dead Kennedys gig and, once I’d seen Jello Biafra, I knew I was not going home.” Although Dalle claims her English is lamentable, she proves word perfect when we duet on a chorus of California Über Alles. “They had good reason to cast me, because the film was a big success and even now in foreign countries I’m known not as Béatrice Dalle but as Betty.” What does she think of Betty Blue now? “She was perfect. Ugly Betty - S 4 E 3 - Blue On Blue. I was banned for seven years.”. Zorg works as a handyman, while Betty types up his novel in earnest. Since that debut, Dalle has grown up in public, arguably learning to act in the process. “You see, I have a fantasy about English cinema, but not American.” Her greatest unrealised dream, she tells me, is to work with British auteur Peter Greenaway. That said, few of my friends admit to having eaten the ear of a cadaver while on acid and working in a morgue (“It was no big deal,” she told a French TV interviewer a couple of years ago. 42:32. All rights reserved. I love you, Mickey Rourke!”, Her career might have been different had she not slapped an American embassy official in 1997. “Oh, but he was asking for it!” she says. Rio 2 leads the Easter charge with Captain America hot on its tail. “That idea has never crossed my mind ever,” she says. But then, what, walking arm-in-arm with him? Please activate cookies in order to turn autoplay off, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 review: 'so savvy, punchy and dashing that it won't be denied', Marc Webb's superhero sequel is savvy, punchy and dashing enough to stir the blood of even the most jaded adult, writes Xan Brooks, Noah review – 'a preposterous but endearingly unhinged epic', The Double review – Richard Ayoade's dark doppelganger drama, Divergent review – lacks lustre and grit, A Story of Children and Film review – Mark Cousins's 'spine-tingling' visual essay, A player from Arosa scores a Maradona-like goal, Freestyle athlete takes us through his career, Follow NSA-related developments as controversy over leaks continues to make headlines, Spanish football player's stunning solo goal, Whitewater kayaking: 'I wanted to spend every day on the river'. The woman whom Everett described once as “Joan of Arc – the suicide-bomber version” throws back her head and unleashes the first of the interview’s many beguilingly dirty laughs. I said to him: ‘You don’t speak to your wife like that, so don’t speak to me like that.’ And I slapped him. In between, she had a tempestuous relationship with the rapper Joey Starr, a man with a fuse so short he once punched a monkey on a TV show. Get one in each leather Dapper Black. “One of the things I love about appropriating his texts is that I get to read his gay male pornographic fantasies in the voice of a woman.” She currently has plans to turn gender on its head again by playing a male Shakespearean tragic hero. 45:06. Quiz: Can you match each of these Bond villains with their own evil plot? The most intriguing aperitif inside the Walls of Lucca with the queens of the Lucchese aperitivo!