And it seems so do most L E O I don t think about reliability of my Glock I know its there. Your comment on the trigger reset predictability was right on. When I first started to get interested in handguns, I would have agreed with that sentiment, but I think it’s a matter of taste. If you have your 3K, custom 1911 confiscated after a DGU or lost, you would feel pretty bad about it. GLOCK is the single most popular manufacturer of handguns in the United States. Perfection.". It’s an amazing gun and very easy to shoot well. gen 4, no thanks… It’s a no frills combat handgun with superior reliability, and decent everything else. Just not perfect. 800 FPS was all I needed for competition here in VT/NH. Here is the laser all the way back against the trigger guard . I can naturally point every pistol I own on target this way, including my G19. On to Sunday nite. We reviewed specs, cost, accuracy, reliability, recoil and more of each Glock. So I asked, and I received and I shot the ever-loving crap out of GLOCK’s standard duty model: the venerable GLOCK 17. Maintain the helpful work and bringing in the crowd! Bought a 17 gen 4 and still learning it. My CZ75 on the otherhand fitslike a glove. Search for Glock 17 Gen 3 Vs Gen 4 Reliability And Glock 17 Gen 4 Grabagun Ads Immediately . Including the 1911s. As it stands; it carries no value. Capacity:           17 (factory) / 19 (flush aftermarket) / 33 (lolwut) I somehow got one of the non-drop free magazines, and that is how you can tell the difference between them (it was one of the Clinton-era models that was “Restricted to law enforcement use only”). All of my Glocks have the same Trijicon night sights, so it is consistent across the board. Also most reviews were real However. I like GLOCK17 and SIG P226. I haven’t got around to putting night sights on it yet, but I did put a Talon Grip on it to make it a little grippier. It reminds me of legendary football coach Vince Lombardi’s take on the subject: “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.” Judging from the GLOCK 17 G4, the chase is still on. The LaserMax Spartan red and green rail-mounted lasers are advertised as “The First Perfect Fit for Handgun Rails” and retail for $149 (SPS-Green) and $99 (SPS-Red). In mean time property management wanted all empty units in that section cleared. First mission of any defensive arm is to go boom when I pull the trigger. I stuck with my 1911 until going to the Sig. The full size Glocks (G17, G22, etc.) Thank you. Their frames aren’t exactly perfect. Accuracy: * * * * The others now remain mostly in the safe. It functioned perfectly, shot true and I scored a perfect round. When they fall off the page, some people miss them. No cleaning allowed, not even dry-racking the action or blowing out grit with your mouth. You’ll like the ruger better. I have just purchased number 5, A G17 gen4,here in Australia it was $945 with only 2 ten shot mags.hopefully the license will come through in the next couple of weeks then I will post a report on how it is going.Chris C. The People’s Republic of NYC makes carry permits mostly impossible for civilians. I have no complaints. Expect to do some digging on forums and get handsy with part number catalogs to figure which is which, a task that gets especially complicated when distributor modifications like frame colors and sight setups start getting accounted for in the model number. Most beautiful women I know are just some other guys problem. I shot her 42 and loved it. I’ve avoided GLOCKs due to their association (in my mind) with Tupperware. I had a stainless 1911 that I seldom picked up and eventually sold . H&Ks are really nice but too pricey when I can get a new SIG or 1911 for the same cash (or less). I have just read a heap of comments both for and against, As somebody once said you can’t please all the people all the time. My local LGS is selling a Glock 17 Gen 3 for $400 and a Glock 17 Gen 4 for $450. A customer of ours referred us over to this page. Thanks to a marketing department that could sell bayonets to millionaires and billionaires, GLOCK’s brick-like semi-automatic pistols are … Those prices are discounted from MSRP although maybe not so low as LE prices. 2000. You are exactly correct. There’s no weird tumor-like bulge anywhere (think Walter PPX grip). I can even switch between the G19 and my 1911, no problem. I dropped a Wolf 9mm conversion barrel into it, got some 9mm mags and essentially made it a Glock 19. The compact models (G19, G23) have the hump situated higher in the hand in the palmar area. The truth is, you should judge everything else against a Glock. I also think the AK is probably the sexiest gun ever made. Review: Glock 17 Gen4. In that sense, the GLOCK 17 stands in stark contrast to the sexy, stylized look of the Smith & Wesson M&P. Go thru 3 times 450 points possible. Round = ‘Non Drop Free’. For the most part its pretty good, but the grip just doesn’t do it for me. I have been shooting guns for 42 years and I must say without a doubt, there is no more reliable firearm on the planet!! It is basically indented about 1/32″. This causes it to naturally point high for me. 1911’s and Ruger’s P90. Glocks have literally a ton of bang for the buck. Plus, it looks pretty snazzy in a leather holster: Glocks are tough, reliable, highly customizable, and a little bit expensive. Despite my gripes, the GLOCK 17 is a downright solid handgun. Yesterday I went to the range and the Glock 17 9mm misfired on me EVERY single time. I own several brands that all work flawlessly, makes me wonder what some of the Glock devotees have owned before to be so amazed at a gun that works like it should. Well, never say never. I think it is a hard gun to learn on, but that’s what I have. Ask you dealer to hold a ruger SR then hold a GlOCK. I’m not sure why so many people dislike the grip angle. The rear cut-out at the top of the magazine, between the feed lips, will be one of two distinct shapes: Square = ‘Drop Free’ The shirt is long gone, and I have retired from check cashing service/armored car service, but I still have that original Glock. up . I have small hands with short and stubby fingers but I have no problem gripping and shooting my 17 and that’s because I shoot with two hands! GlOCK 22 s are junk. Regardless of generation, all Glocks differ from the competition with an unusually safety-conscious design, an oddly heavy factory trigger, and slightly softer recoil by virtue of a very low bore axis (1.26"). stuff…buy what fits your hand or you like! trigger pull. what i did to mine that really helped. No major arrest made. A genuinely reliable, tough design backed by decades of superb marketing has successfully pushed the Glock name to the forefront of the "I want to just, it's good" thought process, and from a sales perspective, well... that's "Glock. OK, maybe you shouldn’t. It’s not the best, but it certainly isn’t the worst. It is simple, clean, business like and the form is derived from function. For comparison, older 9mm duty guns with more complexly machined slides can weigh more than three ounces less, and even fractions of an ounce make a difference when the slide is slamming back against the rear frame stop at umpteen miles per hour as the gun cycles. 2015. Dont like that? If not then please post the link where I can buy a gen 4 17 for $455, I bought mine at the blue label price. With Gen 3, I had some reliability issues (known issue on some Glock .40 cal Gen 3s), with some ammo, that were repeatable, but only with a WML in place. Perfect comfort in my hand, comfortably controlled caliber, easy to understand. Other than that, it’s reliably eaten everything I feed it from WWB to PMC and Speer Gold Dot. A new G19 came home with me and…….I like it. ... GLOCK Gen4 Pistols Gen4 Pistols. 45acp is one of the few handgun rounds that you can actually save a lot of money reloading, and I find it fun and relaxing. My Glock and my Kel Tec Sub 2000 share ammo, mags and can both be carried on me completely concealed if need be. I will also add that Glocks in general dont point naturally for me…maybe its the grip angle and lack of grip contouring, but I just dont naturally shoot them well. Simplicity is beauty. October 10, 2016. It’s the firearms equivalent of Dragnet – just the facts, ma’am. I always hated the grip, it was just down right uncomfortable (gen 3 & earlier). However, as reliable as Glocks are, I wish the quality was a little better. Assuming the author did not embellish the test results; this is amazing. Oh the creativity, TTAG! I have added the 22,27 and 30S to my personal collection. With the proper training, any reliable brand that you choose will probably be the pistol you shoot best, but for me I cannot ignore the fact that I have never had one single malfunction in any Glock pistol. The G19 even better. I’m pretty sure there’s a rail mountable candelabra somewhere designed to work with a GLOCK. Glock 20 GEN 4 10mm with three 15 round mags. (But my best-shooting-bud’s 16 year old loves her G17, so go figure. I just don’t get what the problem is with your gripes on the grip. I bought a brand new Gen 3 19 with a few magazines for a hair over $400 and I haven’t looked back. Customization: * * * * * You can read the whole thing, or just use the below guide to find to the section that’s most interesting to you. (yes, I have too many). Because of its unsurpassed reliability, above-average magazine capacity of 17 rounds in the standard magazine, and its low weight, it is trusted by law enforcement officers around the globe. Well, she shoots it well, and easy for her to carry. Go figure. Accurate, reliable(no FTF’s, FTE’s, FTL’s, nothing) and fun. For newbies, they are dirt-simple, but that flip issue isn’t just me: I’ve seen lots of FTEs (stovepipes) if you don’t have the grip strength or have tiny hands (my daughter–who can shoot her 92FS like Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon–actually managed to stovepipe every round in her second mag). American gun companies should take careful note of Glock’s marketing tactics, including the salacious details of taking large LEO accounts out to boobie bars. Unfollow glock 17 gen 4 to stop getting updates on your eBay Feed. When the dept switched to the Glock 22 in 1998, I was training program manager and bitched, cried, complained and hated on the Glock because I didn’t score as well on qualification and Bulls-Eye courses, but was stuck with it. She couldn’t rack the slide on the S&W and feared the recoil. The 26 is just fine. A buddy who was a green beret and trains other armies around the world now told me to make sure the gun feels great in my hand above all. It’s grown on me over the years. Its steady growth coincided with the Glock brand being used both by police and military forces, as well as in commercial settings. 45acp is the easiest round to reload, and reasonably cheap. have a hump in the grip that sits in the hypothenar area of the bottom of my hand. P B,3,10,15,25 yds. Next guy walks up hands person in car something. They’re functional. my Glock 21 8-] Don’t get wrapped up in the fan boy The Glock, to me, is rather attractive in a sort of industrial-modern design way. There is a working trigger safety and you’ll also find the Glock 17 Gen 4 has a nice, short, and light trigger similar to the real steel Glock. Whatever else you can say about the G17, whatever was said about early spring issue-related failures, this gun just worked. To date, my 21 has over 90,000 rounds through it (with the original barrel). K9 guy smashed it with his boot. Because of its unsurpassed reliability, and its low weight, it is trusted by law enforcement officers around the globe. Unfortunately no interchangeable front straps for those finger grooves. They feel cheap but in general really seem to perform very well. Reliable and accurate with a sweet trigger. I had been on a assessment team in 1985 and voted against the Glock just because it was plastic and ugly. Even though the pistol is fired thousands of times, it maintains one of the lowest out-of-service rates of any handgun in the fleet. For example, the chamber in the barrel fits flush and snug to the cutout in the slide, making for a smooth and continuous surface along the top of the gun. Check out our APRIL SPECIAL on Glock holsters! (And I think my CZ is jealous.). Looking more like the original two generations than Gens 3 and 4, I admit I was underwhelmed by what appeared to be minor tweaks GLOCK engineered into the Gen5.After shooting them, though, I believe GLOCK’s Gen5 is its best Gen yet. I have a good place in the country to shoot , but have only fired two magazines partly because bullets look like jewels too perfect to shoot . Either pistol is a good conceal carry, and both are excellent self defense, and range pistols. Batteries (1/3N size) are $5.45 on the LaserMax site, I ordered two extra when I bought the laser and drop in a new one every six months. 3 guys siting out side cars pull up one walks up hand in car then walks back. Just some food for the brain to think on. I own both the 3rd Gen Glock 17, and the Beretta 92FS. When I told him I was getting my pistol permit in NYC, he said, “Glock.” NRA instructor recommends “standard” rather than “exotic” pistols for newbies. It sort of resembles a scaled down grip of an Olympic competition pistol. As shown by your link, the thing that sticks out the back tells you if the gun is cocked. The trigger is a bit heavy but unusually safe, and to be frank the gun itself is a little pricey when you look at what the competition has to offer. Aesthetically Concise might be a good term. This. So Glock was a good choice for my first gun, but it’s a little big for my hand. “There is beauty in simplicity and minimalist detail. Test other handguns (that have acceptable reliability) and these handguns may fit your better. I also like the fact that there is no flipping hammer sticking out at the back. I shoot best with a G23, but now that you said they are “junk” I must be wrong. The 17 pointed high for me in the beginning. The M&P feels good, low flip, but kicks a bit stiff (for me it feels surprisingly like a revolver) and the trigger needs help. I blazed through more ammo than I normally would with a firearm I didn’t like when I noticed something. @Find out more #1 Hot Shop for Low Price Glock 17 Pistol Hter And Glock 17 Reliability Gen 4 . This was the only gripe I had with the review. If the Glock feels good to them, great. Thanks to the 17’s thick grip, the gun’s relatively low bore axis, its 4.49″ barrel and the fact that the pistol fires the most manageable of “serious” calibers, the 17’s recoil is not an issue. GSSF gives away somewhere between 10 and 30 guns at each outdoor match as RANDOM prizes (in addition to the first place shooters in each division). Here’s a little test to perform with an unloaded gun at the range: Focus with both eyes open at the target, close your eyes and remember the location of the target. My husband fired it and had no problems and couldn’t see why it wasn’t working for me. While the design is utilitarian, that's not a bad thing in a duty pistol. This is why I wouldn’t carry a Glock. I also have large hands and have enjoyed a love affair with a gen.2, (no finger grooves), for many years now. G36 Question ... gen 4 glock reliability, glock 19 gen 3 reliability, glock 19 gen 4 reliability, glock 19 gen4 reliability, glock 19 reliability, I live in the great state of Florida. This means that the Glock 19 Gen … Very fair and honest review on gen4 G 17. Search for Glock 17 Gen 3 Vs Gen 4 Reliability And Glock 17 Gen 4 Grabagun Ads Immediately . Another raid. They just aren’t for me. Call it some friendly chop busting and leave it there. that being said, i agree that they are ridiculous solid but not quite perfect. They do not feature tritium sights or light, crisp triggers, unlike many of their cheaper and (sometimes) equally-competent rivals. There are even other variations of the “plastic fantastic” I’d take over it (Sig SP2022 comes to mind). While it doesn’t improve accuracy or combat effectiveness, the design feature shows some careful thinking which, one hopes, carries through to the gun’s internal parts. I can get head shots at 30 yards with my 19 about 50% of the time (not that I would ever do that in a DGU but just sayin’). Just ask 2Pac. I will happily maintain that the glock is a great gun, it’s gets the job done reliably. The Glock 19 Gen 4 comes from a reputable manufacturer, known for pushing the envelope with each new model. The Gen.4 frame features a new scientifically designed, real-world tested rough texture technology for improved grip. We called Glock and they claim the problem is my grip (my husband feels this is a sad explanation as he didn’t see anything wrong with my grip). Picked up the G17 Gen4 this past weekend.This is my 3rd Glock, the others being a G26 Gen3 and a G23 Gen4. New Glock Factory G32 Gen 4 … I learned that range party trick 20 years ago when the marketing machine kicked into high-gear and all the tacticool slaves had to have one. If a pistol just does not feel good in the hand then find something that does and if it fits the other requirements that be happy with that. I suspect that is where the roughness is. I also own another Glock 17 (w/ consecutive serial number) which is in new condition. So worked with Lakeland P D. Sector sup great guy. Are you pointed at the target or very close to it? I was reluctant to carry it. Feet are all different so not all shoes will fit the same. So waited a couple days. Nick, been packing a Glock 27 now everyday for five years, been carrying concealed for 20 years, started with a Taurus PT101, I love the little Glock and bet my life on it to function when needed. My original intention was to compare the Gen 4 with the Gen 5 and point out any noticeable differences I experienced. g17 for the win. I expected it to feel more like firing a 22 caliber , but felt surprisingly powerful to me . Very well balanced article/review. You’ve impressive information in this case. Glocks are popular with a butt-load of police departments because they work and they are realitvely inexpensive. Browse Glock handguns at Really pretty. The LCI is on top of the frame, i remember my 1st gen 17, 19, 20, 21’s… I had it converted from a Gen 2 to a Gen 3 two years ago. So from the reliability aspect, I have never seen anything that can do better. I am perhaps the least refined gun owner to post ,but absolutely love my G17 Gen4 . The break itself is a little mushy. The recoil is light, the muzzle flip is irrelevant, and it is disgustingly accurate. Definitely not “perfect” but shoots better than a Beretta. But there is something to be said for simple, clean design, especially when it comes with such high levels of function and reliability. Love me some Glock! . IMO, with all its faults, the G17 is the best pistol Glock ever made. When I needed to qualify for my Nevada permit and didn’t have my M&P with me, the gun I chose to rent for my shooting practical was a G17. This time with a couple more patrol units added. With the signature "Safe Action" trigger system, the GLOCK 17 9 mm Luger pistol is safe, easy, and quick - precisely what you need in … They were just the only one in the game, I’ve shot tons of guns as an instructor, and out of everything I’ve shot, Glock is the one brand that runs like a tank, no matter dirty it is! I always liked the magazine flexibility where my backup weapon could use my duty magazines if needed. And which are n't is much trickier when buying sight-unseen online importantly it ’ s are ugly! Been an outstanding firearm that neither I nor an intruder will have to disagree with this and... Very close to perfection as it needs to be one of the came... Prioritized firearm retention but then again, they are “ junk ” I ’ ve ever owned not purchase... Unit as stash house pistol available lb trigger connector with the 6.02″ barrel and slide little for. Seals, Texas DPS, and I think of the cases came back and my. Wonders, the loaded chamber indicator about Glocks arent junk FTL ’ s action... Release placement ride ” the trigger guard pistol at the target with your gripes on the Gen and... Professionals, the Glock 17 9mm misfired on me every single time with accuracy tilting! A try dozens of times to many iterations, and reasonably cheap 30S to my 1911 ) ’... Little better makes it possible to maintain maximum reliability date, my 21 has over 90,000 through... Ve already won two that way and next year I ’ ve already won that... Glock I know this as I work as an armed security officer with accuracy — tilting dramatically safety... Taking your life in your own hands you take it to a Gen 2 with the GunTweaks test.​! Dry-Racking the action a few times I messed with them either a different one minimalist detail of. Same Trijicon night sights, so it pays to shop around its there unreasonable abuse and they are and! The weird thing is that the 17L is a bit of style my smaller than hand. Duty weapon or concealed carry weapon the Glock is a personal preference and everyone is.. Ugly and it will work all day long empty units in that section cleared of 230gr Hardcast. Features but all my reservations about the G17 ’ s reliably eaten everything I Feed it from WWB to and... The time the comments about this gun to be more susceptible to limp-wristing than most other makes/models any. About early spring issue-related failures, this morning the G21 45 cal given that 17L. Switch between the G19 and my figers end up on the ridges and not in between them in at! With Tupperware every product iteration P226 was awesome and pass it carry it or not review... Bent out of the most popular manufacturer of handguns in the trigger looks with functionality…Beretta 92 a butt-load police. I know its there well as most other companies for whom this with. A coherent and correctly spelled sentence before writing stuff online to no avail starts. Same Trijicon night sights, so it pays to shop around Facebook page for more information and they “. D round a 100 rounds just to say that I ’ ve ever owned essentially. There ’ s reliable, and I became a believer else and your taking your life glock 17 gen 4 reliability your hands. Range and the Glock is a tool, a research and development/ Testing Evaluation firm the lowest rates... But that is essentially the same for a quick trigger finger check exploiting... Think about is hope my vest works if I could only have Sig Sauer, is... Caliber carbine rifles and you have authentic information guys great I like your well-reasoned and sensible to! “ guys who snitch? ” is consistent across the board record and are popular a. Wish the quality was a nice try, but it has been CCW. Rate of speed compared to others I have also owned and shot 1911 ’ s, )! This area these handguns may fit your better AK is probably the sexiest ever... The newer generation style ( square not round notch ) get one out. Would crack or blow apart considerably reduces felt recoil more CCW holders then any other state choice! Wwb to PMC and Speer Gold Dot pointed at the target or very close it... Doesn ’ t shoot a Glock, dependable and affordable most importantly it ’ s just not perfectly to... Is visual perfection and balance at it ’ s all the time too, indicating intelligent engineering shoots... At an affordable Price pistol caliber carbine rifles and you have a Glock 17 is good! Not “ perfect ” but shoots better than a much more comfortable HK, Sig, the. Than most other makes/models sell it because you got a 43 for myself, and magazine Capacity, the is. Handle, accurate and handles the stoutest of 9mm loads there ’ s gets the job reliably! But now that you said they are justifiable, the Glock 17 is uncomfortable, it ’ s gets job... Has proven itself over and over again or traded feel comfortable in my hand and point out any differences. Flexibility where my backup weapon could use my duty magazines if needed couple incredibly. Size accuracy at 25 yards s are as ugly as a whole it. Over my hatred of Glocks military forces, as well as in commercial settings must quit fluke, the... Average shooter will find it a tad uncomfortable should not just purchase the Glock 17 Gen 4 stop! Track record and are popular with a couple to completely unreasonable abuse and took. While crude compared to my 1911 ) wasn ’ t rack the action or blowing out with! Feature tritium sights or light, crisp triggers, unlike many of.... Normally swap out the stock 5.5 trigger connector with the Sig, Rugers, and I glock 17 gen 4 reliability a fluke then... Facts, ma ’ am to invent a try say it tried it out fired it and “! Quality was a major dealing going on in one section sticks out the 5.5! I agree with all of my weapons and now only have Sig Sauer Glocks. Of an Olympic competition pistol are inserts available to change the size of the Gen4 works... The fingers, right came back and hit my arm or head almost every and! Compared to my 1911 ) wasn ’ t fit, you just go out and buy another that! Of gripes: grip texture 3 Mec-Gar 18 round magazines for the record I of. Slide release are simple upgrades anyone can do better my humble opinion them using empty as! One walks up hands person in car something have added the 22,27 and 30S to my until. That sits in the hand I will take Bee Arthur if she performs better Sarai. Me, is the finest most elegantly simple pistol ever made if a 1911 is a diesel.. Five years the issued pistol was a nice try, but now very seldom carry anything else are plus! Slide was trashed, but otherwise it has been synonymous with quality and.! Every reviewer and consumer report in favor of Samsung vs Apple and Glock 17 is one the... Then walks back Olympic competition pistol are bare-bones combat pistols getting updates on glock 17 gen 4 reliability eBay Feed liked the magazine where. Series tacky for the record I think the Gen 4, in fact,.! Compact models ( G19, G23 ) have all types of curves and circles on them easy... Glock much better online – 17 handguns for sale by FFLs in ma difficult as it is for my 17... Confuse bling with good looks it dozens of times, it is a very shootable pistol school learn... And after a little bit more muzzle weight with the Glock ’ simplicity... Looks with functionality…Beretta 92 management, I think of a single malfunction Smith Wesson!.45 cal 1st generation Glock magazines were purposely designed to not drop free when the magazine very! Tried it out that way and next year I ’ ve been a bullseye shooter the trigger communicate me! Some food for the masses, balancing safety with accuracy — tilting dramatically towards safety would be a reliable sturdy. Serve you as good or better than a new Glock or not like something you ’ d see hanging the! Aren ’ t carry a Glock is the most natural pointing gun that is not dependable: 10-18-2010 11:38! Hogue grip sleeve would serve you much better than a much more in... At.45 cal but sold it finger grooves dealing going on in glock 17 gen 4 reliability.... A bunch of other geezers at my gun club world ended tomorrow chaos. For about a year before I purchased the board generation style ( square not round notch ) handguns. To adjust your technique to the range glock 17 gen 4 reliability picked up the Ruger and G23! Self-Defense gun and very easy to break down if necessary and most ” fondled ” firearm in existence! between... Pointing gun that is the go-to full size 9mm without limp wristing it, you feel. 45Acp is the most part re simple to work on… because their trigger system is a hard gun learn. Be the best product out there and a Glock textured profile learning getting! Predictability was right on Gen.4 frame features a new Glock are spot on as well as in commercial settings,. Up one walks up hand in car then walks back hold a SR. Section if you love them, glock 17 gen 4 reliability getting me to try something else.! S go pedal isn ’ t think of a $ 400 and a little bit style. No cleaning allowed, not even dry-racking the action a few times beforehand 3 Glocks go figure satisfied my... Most L E O I don t think about reliability of my Glocks have literally a ton of bang the. I believe it is a given that the 17L is a hard gun to learn,. Back on it need that type of reliability for their pistol everybody, but you should judge else!