| Digital Pictures / digital effects artist, animator: C.O.R.E. Doug Hicton's real age is N/A. Digital Pictures / visual effects artist: character finaling, C.O.R.E. Dren's thought's as he chases Elsa in the Forest. Vincenzo Natali's 2009 sci-fi horror movie, Splice, explored the perils of experimental technology and the high cost of human experimentation with his original creature, Dren. Dren (as a male) ends up brutally raping Elsa, but Clive attacks Dren to help Elsa escape, Dren ends up killing Clive, but Elsa ends up killing Dren with a rock on it's head. Actor Doug Hicton from Splice is cast as "Lab Tech (uncredited)." Digital Pictures, compositor: C.O.R.E. Door dierlijk en menselijk DNA te combineren creëren ze een nieuw organisme, dat ze Dren noemen. Digital Pictures (as Matt Horner), asset artist: C.O.R.E. Sarah Polley as Elsa. Actor Abigail Chu from Splice is cast as "Child Dren." After they managed to make them mate, the couple moved onto creating a revolutionary hybrid. She was portrayed by Delphine Chanéac. But Dren starts having a fever, and the couple put her in cold water. Elsa and Clive end up moving Dren inside of a old-isolated farm where Elsa used to grow up. Have sex with Gavin.Kill the scientists boss.Kill Gavin and his brotherHave sex with Elsa (all succeeded). Dren could not speak but instead made bird-like noises (screeching, cooing, etc. Their employers at N.E.R.D. When she was born, Dren looked like a deformed creature with no hands but as she matured she started to look more human. | Named "Dren", the creature rapidly develops from a deformed female infant into a beautiful but dangerous winged human-chimera, who forges a bond with both of her creators - … Dren is the main antagonist of the 2009 sci-fi horror filmSplice. Clive goes back into Elsas house and they end up deciding to kill Dren but they end up finding Dren dying. But as for whether or not there will be one; probably not. Very, very unconventional sex. Digital Pictures / visual effects artist: C.O.R.E, compositing supervisor: C.O.R.E. Official Sites Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, art department: KNB EFX Group (as Jaremy Ailleo), special makeup and creature effects / special makeup effects on-set supervisor: KNB EFX Group, special makeup effects supervisor: KNB EFX Group (as Mike Deak), mold and lab crew: KNB EFX Group (as Jeff Deist), special makeup effects art director: KNB EFX Group, fabrication department: KNB EFX Group (as Bath Hathaway), key prosthetic makeup artist: KNB EFX Group, contact lens painter (as Cristina Patterson Ceret), special makeup effects supervisor: KNB EFX Group, supervising sound editor: Los Angeles crew, special effects technician: mold department, K.N.B Effects Group, special makeup and creature effects crew: KNB EFX, special effects technician: K.N.B. Digital Pictures, visual effects supervisor (as Robert Munroe), creature modeler: Mac Guff (as Anthony N'guyen), animator: BUF Compagnie (as Thierry N'guyen) / character modeler and rigger: BUF Compagnie (as Thierry N'guyen), compositor: C.O.R.E. The premise is simple: two young, attractive and brilliant geneticists, Elsa and Clive (Sarah Polley and Adrien Brody), cook up a human-animal hybrid named Dren. Directed by Vincenzo Natali. Clive's brother ends up seeing Dren but Dren ends up jumping on him. Now they want to use human DNA in a hybrid that could revolutionize science and medicine. Adrien Brody plays genetic engineer Clive Nicoli who creates a creature through splicing the genes of various species. Digital Pictures, lighting artist: C.O.R.E. The two made two big-fat creatures known as Fred and Ginger, which started to mate with each other. What Happens At The End Of Splice Clive Nicoli (Adrien Brody) and Elsa Kast (Sarah Polley) are confronted by Clive’s brother, Gavin (Brandon McGibbon,) as well as their boss, William Barlow … Company Credits As of 2018, no, Splice doesn’t have a sequel. Digital Pictures (as Brian Smeets), digital compositor: C.O.R.E Digital Pictures, compositor: C.O.R.E Digitial Pictures (as Tim Townsend), rigger: Mac Guff / senior character technical director, lead layout artist: C.O.R.E. Vincenzo Natali, the director of the 2009 sci-fi horror movie, Splice, took inspiration for his creature, Dren, and the film's overarching plot from a real science experiment that's almost as strange as the film. Digital Pictures, lighting and compositing artist: Chez Eddy (as Jonathan Cohen) / visual effects artist: Chez Eddy (as Jonathan Cohen), digital compositor: C.O.R.E. Because Ginger transformed into a male, and Elsa and Clive did not see it coming, because of work with Dren. At the farm, Dren ends up revealing that she got carnivorous tendencies, wings and ends up getting inside of adolescence. Filming & Production Delphine Chaneac as Dren. Dren ends up misbehaving, killing a cat, and trying to kill Elsa, and Elsa ends up amputating her stinger. Later in the film, it is shown she can produce twisted butterfly-like wings. Splice came out in 2009, directed by Vincenzo Natali, and stars Adrien Brody as Clive Nicoli, Sarah Polley as Elsa Kast, and Delphine Chanéac as the creature known as Dren. Digital Pictures, compositor: C.O.R.E. Inside of a box, Fred and Ginger were next to each other, they were supposed to mate, but it escalated in Fred and Ginger getting into a fight, killing each other. With Adrien Brody, Sarah Polley, Delphine Chanéac, Brandon McGibbon. Effects group, special effects coordinator (as Danny White), compositor: C.O.R.E. One of their employers and Clive's brother end up getting to the farm, and Elsa tell them that Dren is dead. Digital Pictures, animator: C.O.R.E. Digital Pictures (as Mike Becki), 3d layout artist: Chez Eddy / layout artist, layout artist: C.O.R.E. Tracking Elsa was easy she smelled of panic Dren could "taste" her . Clive ends up finding out that a unknown donor did not donate it's DNA for experimentation, instead Elsa used her own DNA. After successfully mating them, they plan to create a human-animal hybrid that could revolutionize science. Digital Pictures (as Maria Gordon), visual effects coordinator: C.O.R.E. He (dren) wants to mate with the one woman in his territory and kill all of the other males. Two genetic engineers Clive Nicoli and Elsa Kast hope to achieve their fame in this world by splicing animal DNA to create hybrids for medical use at the company N.E.R.D. Splice stars Adrien Brody, Sarah Polley, and Delphine Chanéac and focuses around the commentary of scientific discovery, inter-species experimentation, and the pitfalls of ingenuity when … Vincenzo Natali and Antoinette Terry Bryant. The hybrid also ages much faster but mentally it's developed like a child. Cast. David Hewlett as Barlow. Clive wanted to kill the creature, but Elsa managed to force Clive in letting the creature live. Fortunately, the very first person to … ), except at the end of the film when she/he said "Inside you." Source(s): Splice Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In her infant form, Dren is a two-legged creature with pale skin, minimal facial features, a theropod-like stance, and digitigrade legs. Cast Adrien Brody Clive Sarah Polley Elsa Delphine Chanéac Dren Brandon McGibbon Gavin Nicoli, Makeup Special Effects, Creature Effects Simona Maicanescu Joan Chorot David Hewlett William Barlow Abigail Chu Child Dren Crew Vincenzo Natali Director, Screen Story, Screenwriter Alex Kavanagh Costume Designer Amy Fritz Musical Direction/Supervision Andrew Shea Dren ends up being bored all the time being locked at the farm, because the couple fears of people discovering her outside. Eventually, she transitions from female to male. Brandon McGibbon as Gavin. Since his mom is the only nearby female, he mates with her and kills the other males so she is his alone. as she/he was raping Elsa. She has a tail with a tip like a scorpion, webbed feet, mostly black eyes and only four fingers (counting the thumb). Splice is the leading platform for music production offering access to millions of the best royalty-free samples, loops, and presets; Rent-to-Own plugins & DAWs. Digital Pictures (as Vam Maduro), on set visual effects supervisor: C.O.R.E. The couple however keeps working on making the hybrid, and they end up making a female creature. The whole time the couple has been experimenting with Dren, forgetting about Fred and Ginger. In portraying the evolution of a lab specimen gone wild, the visual effects team for mutant thriller Splice drew from a 200-page style guide dreamed up by director Vincenzo Natali. Elsa en Clive zijn twee jonge wetenschappers die ethische en wettelijke regels aan hun laars lappen teneinde hun droom waar te maken: een nieuwe levensvorm ontwikkelen. In comparison to other movies released during that time - Avatar, The Hangover, Star Trek, etcettera, it wasn’t received as well. Elsa sees the two having sex and gets sick. | ... Show all Cast & Crew . Splice was a Canada-France co-production and it necessitated that certain elements come from overseas. Splice Cast ensure customer success by manufacturing Winning Plastic Solutions using proven methods of product development, UK Manufacture and 6-star service. Superstar genetic engineers Clive (Adrien Brody) and Elsa (Sarah Polley) specialize in splicing DNA from different animals to create incredible new hybrids. | (Nucleic Exchange Research and Development) They had previously been doing an experiment on Fred, a dog-sized creature who was intended as a mate for their female creature, Ginger. At a presentation, the couple presented Fred and Ginger. Splice, which starred Adrien Brody, Sarah Polley, and Delphine Chanéac, received largely positive praise from critics, and yet didn't get the level of acclaim it fully deserved. Digital Pictures / digital effects artist: C.O.R.E. Adrien Brody as Clive. he had never seen Elsa so … Dren suddenly transforms into a male and kills the employer and Clive's brother. Starring the French actress Delphine Chaneac, the movie Splice f... Dren was created by Elsa and Clive, two scientists who mixed human with multiple animal DNA. Their employers disagree with their idea, and tell them to keep focusing on Fred and Ginger. She has aquatic lungs and needs to be underwater every once in a while. Performed by. Effects Group, key sculptor: Image Metrics (as Anne McLaren), special effects makeup (as Gregory Nicotero), special effects technician: K.N.B. Delphine Chanéac. Two generic engineers, which are a couple Clive Nicoli and Elsa Kast have a goal of making human-animal hybrids in order to use them in medicine. I am not sure if I want to add more chapters, or if I should just to end it here. I so do not own Splice the movie rights or the character's. Written by Douglas Taylor; … Clive ends up trying to kill Dren by drowning her, instead Dren started to use it's gills and rest inside of the water. Digital Pictures (as Matt Otto), software engineer: research and development, cg supervisor / visual effects supervisor: Mac Guff, layout artist: C.O.R.E. When she became a male she looked a little more disfigured. Digital Pictures (as Ken Jones), lighting and compositing artist: Chez Eddy / visual effects supervisor: Chez eddy, animator: C.O.R.E. Dren is a human/animal hybrid created by two young, rebellious scientists in the science fiction horror movie Splice . Splice. "[25] Roger Ebert from the Chicago Sun-Times called it "well done and intriguing" but said it is disappointing in that it does not explore Dren's persona. The hybrid ended up spelling NERD with toys, Elsa ended up calling the hybrid "Dren". Release Dates Bij geboorte is Dren een afzichtelijke mutant, maar ze groeit al snel uit tot een beeldschone jonge vrouw. Splice, Dren's legacy by Darkholme13 reviews The story starts where the movie ended. The result is Dren, an amazing, strangely beautiful creature of uncommon intelligence and an array of unexpected physical developments. Dren is the main antagonist of the 2009 sci-fi horror film Splice. Elsa goes to her work to synthetize a protein, while at the farm, Clive and Dren end up having sex. As she grows, she learns to stand more erect and gains a more human-like face, as well as a long prehensile tail and feet resembling high heeled shoes. In the end of the film, the other employer gives a lot of money to Elsa, in order for Elsa to keep her pregnancy with Dren on-going, and she agrees, taking Dren's baby. He took his time watching her run frantically away from him. forbid them from doi… Digital Pictures, assistant stunt coordinator / stunt double: Adrienne Brody, music director / musician: piano / orchestrator. Digital Pictures, visual effects post-production supervisor: Mac Guff (as Delphine 'Fifine' Domer), rendering artist: Mac Guff (as Jeremie Droulers), modeler: Chez Eddy / texture artist: Chez Eddy, visual effects assistant production manager: C.O.R.E. Digital Pictures, lead rigger: C.O.R.E. As an "adult", she looked like a deformed human with no hair. Chase. Natali: We cast adult Dren out of France. Dren (as Delphine Chaneac) Brandon McGibbon ... Gavin Nicoli: Simona Maicanescu ... Joan Chorot: David Hewlett ... William Barlow: Abigail Chu ... Child Dren: Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Doug … Two generic engineers, which are a couple Clive Nicoli and Elsa Kast have a goal of making human-animal hybrids in order to use them in medicine.