Boasting many miles of sandy beaches and the largest glaciers of North America with Mt. Four were against black bears. Weaver fired a shot over the bear and it released Williams, who shouted at Weaver to keep shooting, that he was bit, Barto said. He shot her in the head again. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; There was not much news coverage of my friends incident up on his place in Marias pass area here in Montana. One black bear was hit with an automobile, then shot with a pistol. That is when his friend shot the bear with a .45. After the shooting, the man called 911 and reported the incident. When those efforts didn't work, he felt he needed to protect his home and his family at that point,” CPW Wildlife Officer Steve Cooley explained. The hunter, whose name is not being released, was hunting rabbits near the American River on Friday about 15 miles outside Kodiak when the sow charged him, said John Crye, a wildlife biologist with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, on Monday. A grizzly bear that emerged from a thicket and charged two backpackers in the backcountry of Denali National Park and Preserve was shot and killed by one of the two who was carrying a .45-caliber semi-automatic pistol, according to park officials. Then all three started advancing on Leslie again. But then Bobby woke up and saw him standing over me and grabbed his Judge revolver. When it fought back and became aggressive, he knew he had to take action, “it was self defense.”Since the incident he's gotten angry emails. September, 2013, Wyoming: Thorofare Country south of Yellowstone, Grizzly at 10 feet, .44 magnum and .357 magnum, (report from 2015). The bear, a three year old female, broke into Elconora's tent. When bears attack its FAST! On 1 September, 1995, two male tourists were attacked by an adult male bear on a remote island in eastern Svalbard. 2. From 1978-79, summer, Cootenays Mountains, British Columbia, Grizzly Bear, .44 magnum, Alex Burton. The bear came running at the officer. They were not in the Efficacy paper, because they did not happen in Alaska, and happened after the time period studied in the Efficacy paper. The sow continued to follow coming at him, so Roy fired 3 more rounds into her frontal area and she dropped taking a dirt nap. This makes you no better than any common internet surfing gun grabber. Markham said the man was picnicking with others when a black bear approached. 2009 Nevada City Nevada, .44 magnum, black bear, Reported by Nevada Bear Biologist Carl Lackey. The only exception to that rule may exist on the first or last hunts of the season when hunters will be directed to fly into (or out of) either Juneau or Ketchikan. From behind the flimsy barracade of twigs, I took aim for her throat, and yelled for the dogs to take her. California Dept. Just as the bear went for his leg again, he fired two shots: the first did nothing, but the second pierced the animal’s gut and forced it to retreat. Vouch is on the left in the Cowboy hat. We have several reported instances of successful bear defenses with handguns which we are working to verify. Addition 30 December 2007, Kodiak Island, Alaska, brown bear, .454 Casull revolver. while pointing to the right. of Fish and Game Lt. Marty Markham told The Sheet the shooting occured at approximately 5 p.m. on Forest Service land. 3. I own most and yes I shoot em hot as I can so I know a hair… Read more ». 1. Two were successful against black bears; both were killed. The victim had three years experience with the Origo, with many bear observations, and there were sufficient weapons on board to equip everybody. Another bite pulled away at the top of Bagley’s skull, and wrenched his entire body upwards. The 240 grain slug went through the bears neck. The attack occurred in Pend Oreille County, Washington State, near Petit lake. Welcome to Glacier Guides Inc. Alaska Hunting for Brown Bear, Black Bear, Mountain Goat and Sitka Blacktail Deer. I thought I was going to be dinner.”. .40 caliber and 12 gauge shotguns. The individual reloaded the gun with rubber buckshot and fired at the cubs to scare them off, fearing the mother would return if they stayed, the release says. There has been much conjecture about the lack of efficacy of pistols for defense against bears. The bear ran away, without evidence it had been hit. Deputy Stuart Mattix shot and killed a nearly 500-pound black bear that had been kept at a home on County Road 24, just south of Mount Gilead. One of the hikers fired a warning shot with a pistol, driving the bear off. In Greg's heightened state of awareness, he could hear the first three bullets hit. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "ammoland-20"; They kept us busy. She climbed up and walked straight down the trunk toward me and my pea shooter. Alex had to retrieve his 357 Colt revolver, unlock the box it was in, retrieve ammunition from another box, and load it. Dillon Tabish, a spokesman for Fish, Wildlife and Parks, said the preliminary investigation determined the backpackers were not equipped with bear spray. The bear charged the group, then altered his attention to Harrop after Harrop fired a warning shot. This load will penetrate 12 – 2×6’s spaced 2 inches apart and stick in the 13th one. Detailed article From Rural Montana Magazine December, 2018. The 63 incidents had 3 failures, for a 95% success rate. “She grabs me and throws me down on the ground. Between bear raids, both men yelled and frantically sought the pistol (having forgotten the shotgun). The bear was moaning, his huge head still moving, as Brush aimed the Ruger to fire a finishing shot. One failed against a polar bear. 7 August, 2016, Alaska: Successful Grizzly Bear Attack Defense with .44 Magnum, “We immediately found ourselves in a confrontation,” Kluting said. amzn_assoc_search_bar = "false"; Wyckoff was helping friends track a wounded bear May 31 on the last day of the hunting season. Addition 2003  Alaska published 1 June, 2003, Black bears, .44 magnum in Anchorage Daily News, republished here, also mentioned in Safe with Bears, page 182. He instinctively attempted to fend off the bear with his foot, while he concentrated on firing the shots that saved his life. Then he tried to roll down the ridge where he and the bear were wrestling. 9. Ben missed a shot, the managed to get a shot into the bear's stomach. I was painfully aware that if my first round was not a good one, I may not have a chance for another. What would have happened had Vic not had a pistol? Roy was found acting within his right to protect himself against the grizzly bear attack. One man was killed, the other injured. He climbed a tree, and shot her a third time, between the shoulders at 25 yards. Miraculously, the bear collapsed a mere five feet from his boot soles, leaving claw marks in the road where Brush had–only seconds before–been standing. Alex fired a shot in front of the sow as it approached the bank. In the meantime, Fletcher got a .22 pistol from the plane, walked to within a few feet of the animal, and killed it. This time, he said, one bear jumped off the side of the trail, and a few moments later the others seemed to take that as their sign to leave. October, 2015, Idaho: Bear Attack on Sleeping Man Stopped with a .45 Colt/.410 revolver, black bear. Addition 4 August, 2019, Montana, Cabinet Mountains .357 and .44 magnum pistols, Grizzly. That was sufficient. About 15 minutes later, Alex heard crashing in the brush and woods above the path. It WILL penetrate a bear’s skull. July 24, 2014, Alaska:  Eagle River, 200 pound Brown Bear Sow, .44 Magnum Revolver, “This is not in an Anchorage subdivision,” Battle said. Investigators followed a blood trail for half a mile, but could not located the wounded bruin. Tell me how fast that is.”. The elk hunter from Ohio, who’s name hasn’t been disclosed, told FWP wardens and Madison County Sheriff’s Deputies he was walking through blow-down timber when a bear attacked from a very close range. One of the bears began to charge at them, according to the release. 11. I expect the percentage to rise. That’s when investigators say the homeowner reloaded with rubber buckshot and fired two rounds at the cubs. Jul 28, 1996  The 16-year-old counselor, Anna – Knochel, was in critical condition. The bear was roughly 9 feet tall and started its charge at about 20 yards away. An LA times article has a quote saying the shooting was “unprovoked”. It wasn't the grizzly. The thrill of a traditional bear hunt. I can tell you it is very intimidating when you see bears close up without having the protection of a vehicle. @Dave — Galena. The sow ended up running away, but the cubs stayed behind. It was many, many years ago, but a chance encounter I'll never forget, and meeting a bear was the last thing on my mind at the time. “He shot at it five times before it finally stopped and then once it was on the ground, it was still moving. The bear then snarled and hissed before charging Hughes, who shot it with a handgun. To summarize, we have found 93 verified cases where handguns were used to defend against bear attacks. Kelly fired again, and the bear went down, rolled down slope and came to a halt, motionless. “None of the classic teeth-popping or woofing, raising up on hind legs, or bluff-charging that you read about. 4. I was also Hydraulics Instructor, and Chief of the 911 Center. 8. 2010, Wyoming, Paint Creek, Shoshone National Forest, Bowhunter shot Charging Grizzly with .44 magnum. Another mention, Deputy Stuart Mattix the deputy, Kim Woodman was attacked by a sow brown bear at Humpy Creek, last week of June, 2003, Montana: Grizzly Bear attacked, man mauled, used .41 Mag to stop second attack, From Rural Montana Magazine December, 2018, Likely same event, 24 September, 2019, GYE bear. The bear ran between the cubs and a bank above the trail. Deputy Mattix is the one who shot the bear while it was biting his leg. I wished every back packer would carry, not only for their benefit but for the safety of others Eight were against black bears, one was mortally wounded but finished off with shotgun slugs, five were killed, another ran off, superficially wounded, the eighth ran from a warning shot. The bear leaves the trailer via a window. The homeowner got a handgun and shot at the bear from inside the kitchen in hopes of scaring it off. They got flooded out pretty well a few years back. As a blacksmith, I make a good machinist! 200 grn HSN Bear loads 200 grains round nose flat point,  hard cast, 1041 fps. “I just gritted my teeth expecting the bear to bite me,” Hambelton said. 2010, Russia:  9.3 mm Makarov (most likely) Police attempting to control bear. Roy drew and put 3 rounds of 230-gr FMJ in her neck shoulder area, then took off away from the trail about 5 yards. Hunting outfitters and guides are available to help you plan your world-class hunting expedition in Glacier … After repeatedly asking my brother to go, he somehow made it to the truck and turned on the lights. By the time the wolf was protected by the Endangered Species Act in 1973, they had been almost completely exterminated from the lower 48 states, with the exception of Minnesota. The second time the officer responded, the bear came down out of the tree and advanced on Seager again, according to Lewis. One to the head, one to the chest “Perfect.” At this point, and it being so fast it’s hard to comprehend what had just happened. I asked my brother to try to make it to the pickup and turn on the lights. The sow was found there, dead from two .22 rounds that had reached her vitals. Also, within my hunting areas, is the highest concentration of Glacier Bear, the rare “blue” phase of Coastal Black Bear. He used a 9 mm semiautomatic pistol. There were thirteen cases of handgun defenses against bears where the handgun caliber was not identified. The bear also reportedly slipped into Tietbohl’s garage in the days before it was shot. There were twenty-eight uses of .44 magnum revolvers. Fish and Game officials said the man was able to scare the bear off after he tried to shoot her several times with a .44 magnum revolver pistol at point-blank range. After fishing, the setting down to lunch when they were attacked by a black bear, who rushed out of the brush and grabbed Francis. 21 June 2015, Alaska: Details on Charging Kodiak stopped with a .44 Mag Revolver. The .44 magnum boomed in the night and the boar fell straight down, his head three feet away from where I stood. It was the second time in a week that hunters had encountered the family of bears. The fisherman noted that he was near the “worm hole” area of the Snake River located approximately three quarters of a mile downriver from the Jackson Lake Dam. It filled in the valleys and grooves that the moving glacier left behind, creating rivers, ponds, wetlands, and lakes. Alaska: Skilak Lake, Kenai Peninsula, From More Alaskan Bear Tales page 271, Maurice Goff and Jack, detailed account without date. His guide told officers he found the hunter clinging to the tree nearly 50 feet from the ground. The description of our bear hunts is directly connected to the greatness of the Yakutat area. 7 July, 2014, Alaska: .45 vs 9-Foot Brown Bear, .45 semi-auto. I found myself on the dirt, in the dark, with blood gushing and literally squirting from my wounds. “I fired from the hip as he closed the distance,” Brush recalls. The bear then came at the officer, who fired two shots with his revolver and turned the bear away. amzn_assoc_search_bar = "false"; If you have additional details about cases in this article, please contact us. 3. Addition September 16, 2019, Gravelly Mountains, Montana, Grizzly Bear 9mm pistols, Go fund me for Donivan Campbell by Chris Gregersen, Bear Attacks of the Century: True Stories of Courage and Survival P. 23-24, 26 July, 2014, Montana: Glacier National Park: Bear first sprayed, then shot with a .357, grizzly bear. Roy did not have any, so they gave him a can, plus some 12 ga cracker shells, and some other 12 ga shells will rubber bullets in them. In all my life, I will never forget the sound of the blast or the acrid smell of the gunpowder. Two of the times, the bear backed down the tree. Mike Herder, a commercial fisherman was awakened by Elconora's screams. Nuisance bears are captured, tagged and released using aversive conditioning in an effort to dissuade them from returning to residential areas. 17 September, 2007, Wyoming: Flying H Ranch, Bowhunters Attacked by 600 lb Grizzly, Stopped Charge with .44 Magnum. Battered and bloodied, Thomas got to his feet and scrambled back to the top of the ridge where he could use his cellphone, which still worked despite being damaged. Three warning shots into the ground near the bear drove it off sufficiently for the couple and dog to escape into their house. 21. Welcome to Glacier Guides Inc. Alaska Hunting for Brown Bear, Black Bear, Mountain Goat and Sitka Blacktail Deer. This area of the Alaska Range, with its heavy willow draws and large open meadows, provides ideal habitat for some of the best grizzly hunting in Alaska. All three of these bears could be seen on a Spring season hunt. 1. A few of the rounds glanced off the head. He had a clear shot at the side of her head but decided not to fire. The fight moved into a thicket. The bear was charging uphill at the time. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; Additions since the last update in August of 2019, are referenced with the word Addition after the number. She is holding the Smith & Wesson .44 magnum she used to defend herself at the Alaskan homestead. 1936, Alaska: From More Alaskan Bear Tales Page 267 .22 Rimfire  Reference January 31, 1936 black bear. As Miller rolled over and was getting to his knees, the bear, only about 40 yards away, came at him again. The bear broke through his fence…the homeowner tried to scare the bear away, get the bear away from his house. The camper then shot and killed the bear and immediately reported the shooting to wildlife officers. It’s fairly closely knit, and Phil is a respected member. Brown bear shot by policemen  after attack on veterinarian police s uses, at that time (2010) 9mm Makarov, I'm pretty sure about 95% it was basic FMJ (Full metal jackets) They shot around 8-9 shot, no one can tell how many actually hit the bear. The bear altered its course, and Maurice scrambled for a tree. Many have suggested that he should have continued firing, but it is hard to argue with success. 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The attack occurred on Friday, 14 April in 2006, in the Cherokee National Forest in Tennessee. We are the only outfitter in the area with luxury vessels custom-built specifically for our operations. There, no more than 20 feet away, its feet on a tipped over trash can, was a huge black bear. handgun begins to fire at about the same time rangers Gilliland and Dalrymple, who were each armed with 12 gauge shotguns loaded with slugs also begin to shoot at the bear. When he turned for an instant to look at the light, I wiped the blood from my eyes and fired my first shot from the caliber .44-40 Vaquero. Montana bear hunting is pure fair chase, no baiting or use of dogs, in fact we cant even … There were two cases where both .357 magnum and .44 magnum revolvers were used. He then radioed for help. If a handgun was not fired, the incident was not included. Another grizzly was shot while charging. Seager reported the incident to the state’s Fish and Game Department but, nine minutes later, the property owner called to say the bear was back and up in a tree. The process was repeated, with first one man being attacked and then the other. The archer sustained injuries to his hand and wrist, but hiked out under his own power and was transported by ambulance to Madison County Hospital in Rexburg. 2. 10. But the second grizzly, also a boar, didn’t veer away, the hunters reported. amzn_assoc_title = "Got Bear Spray? Then at about 2:45 p.m., a collared boar grizzly identified as bear No. This is also the best time to hunt Glacier Bear, a rare blue color phase of the Black Bear found only in Alaska. May/June 2010. The case is detailed at the link. Battle said the sow attacked the man, who in turn fired at it three times with a .44 Magnum. He shoved the pistol and both hands into the bear's mouth, and fired. One of his deputies was bitten on the leg by an escaped bear in September. It was at the end of the day and was getting dark. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; The instances collected were from 1883 to 2009. The animal was killed with the officer’s .40-caliber Glock handgun. The black bear fell approximately fell seven feet in front of me.”. LDWF records indicate the bear was previously captured in 2008 in Patterson, but had not been reported as a nuisance bear since. October 6, 2007, Montana: From (Tom Miner Basin), .44 Magnum grizzly. Near Juneau, Alaska. In conclusion, lacking anything further from you that makes some form of logical sense, you should be ignored as just another online troll, sans brain. 14 December, 2016, California: Deputy Shot Aggressive black bear in Live Oak Canyon. But by then, the struggle in the Cascade Range in Southern Oregon attracted the attention of Wyckoff’s party, and other hunters rushed over. Government geologist George Scott had an ATC (Authority to Carry) while in the performance of official duties. 1. While the second source says “revolver” the RCMP had been issued 9 mm handguns for 50 years at the time of this bear attack. If a predatory black bear is shot and runs off, there are strong incentives for the shooter to avoid reporting the incident. As a forensic investigator I can tell you this is a dangerous and wholly ignorant and useless article you have published.Like most untrained investigators, you start with your conclusion and hunt the internet down for supporting data to endorse your incomplete investigation. amzn_assoc_linkid = "d6a97de250292a4e9529f8894adc9514"; I stood in a dumbfounded stupor. May 22, 2016 Oregon, Shane Thomas, 30-06 Rifle, and semi-automatic pistol. From Alaskan Bear Tales pages 107-108: Johnson picked up a stick, and pummeled the brute, and the bear dropped the woman and charged him. The proper agencies investigated and found him to have defended himself against this 400 lbs sow grizzly with 2 cubs. It was located in a bend along the river that needed a dike to surround it to keep safe and dry from spring breakup flooding. The revolver was placed in the archery hunter's pocket, so it was likely a 2″ barreled 5-shot revolver. The Old Tools culture is alive and well in all of the English speaking countries as well as the Nordic and Eastern European ones. Alex was in a tent. All four begin yelling in hopes that the bear would see them and move away. Older Reference, Polar Bears: Proceedings of the Twelfth Working Group, same incident. He was able to stop the attack by shooting the bear as it charged at him. amzn_assoc_search_bar = "false"; Last week in July, 2016, Alaska: Guide Kills Attacking Grizzly with 9mm. They then drove the bear back away from their possessions. The adult bear stood on its hind legs, at which point the fisherman fired one shot into the ground to the side of the bear. It is likely Todd would have avoided injury if he had prioritized using his pistol instead of bear spray. If you have information about an incident outside of those shown, with locations and dates, please send it to us. 10. There are obvious gaps in our data. They were successful. Furthermore, your entire post is just a strawman, as NONE of what you stated was said in this article. The sow turned back toward Williams. We have found twenty-eight (updated 8 March 2020) cases where .44 magnum revolvers were used to defend against bears. Timothy Treadwell and Amie Huguenard victims. The muzzle blast and splash from the bullet stopped the charge from 8 feet out. Three ran off and were not recovered. He managed to fire two more shots, but with his right arm badly injured he thinks he missed the bear. 24 September, 2017 Montana: Father Uses .44 Magnum to Shoot Grizzly Bear off Son. They had agreed that if forced into defending themselves, one would use spray, the other would back up the spray with his pistol. 2. Battle says in that case, hikers reported seeing a bear above them on a hill. Response by Park rangers. 1. last week of June, 2003, Montana: Grizzly Bear attacked, man mauled, used .41 Mag to stop second attack. “It ran back into the alders and he could hear it wheezing.”. As a gunsmith I have to do both metal and wood, but I prefer metal. Nov 2014, Massachusetts: Unknown Handgun, Defense against black bear. It was unclear what led up to the shooting, 11. Only shot one small 6 ft black bear directly in the chest w the muzzle pushing it back when the gun went off. I interviewed Bridger. 2. He unloaded all six shots at the brown bear, which lumbered away. Addition 15 September, 1985, near Healy, Alaska Ruger single action .357 magnum, grizzly, Ben Moore: Bear Attacks of the Century: True Stories of Courage and Survival P. 23-24, The shots were slightly delayed because the revolver was a single action. Near Juneau, Alaska. It reportedly circled around and got close to their dog. The bear left with food, Macintyre said. It was holstered without a round in the chamber. MOUNT GILEAD, Ohio, Sept. 23 (UPI) — Authorities in Morrow County, Ohio, said a deputy shot and killed a 500-pound black bear that had bit him on the leg. The often-cited Efficacy of firearms for bear deterrence in Alaska by Tom S. Smith, Stephen Herrero, and others, included 37 instances with handguns. This has happened to numerous back packers, Just look it up on line, Sure bear spray will stop a lot of… Read more », Although the airbase is no longer active, I served a full year at a remote AFB called Galena, located above the Arctic Circle right on the Yukon. The criteria for inclusion in this study is a pistol had to be fired to defend against a bear or bears. 13. It was successful. The group’s canister of bear spray was in a backpack by their horses. RCMP Sergeant Steve Colwell tells us it happened just after 3:30 P.M. Selkirk RCMP went to the scene and an officer found the man. We pioneered yacht-based Brown Bear, Black Bear and Mountain Goat hunting in Alaska, including fishing expeditions and Adventure Cruises into Glacier Bay National Park. Then the bear attacked again, he said, moving incredibly fast, and that's when Johnson, still on his back, reached for the pistol he wore in a holster on his belt. He was forced to kill the bear with a shot from the .44 magnum S&W model 29. Brenner then put three more bullets into her head. It was waylaid by the lunch, which it began to devour. We have found three cases where a 10 mm pistol was used to defend against bears. By the time the pistol was emptied and a knife drawn, one man was dead and another badly injured. Watching, Fishing & Yacht/Boat Tour Efficacy paper reached for his face into the and! Few minutes, glacier bear hunting heard crashing in the death of thousands of wolves 2009 City. An area where bears, but the bear ran off ; one two-year-old juvenile with the bear examples have that... And killed after an hour 's March, 2015, New Mexico bear attack on,! I brought a metal detector to locate spent extracted shell casings mantra: “ seemed!: glacier National Park, 1911 mag dump into a mining claim trailer ears, and was later by. Cubs bawled out for their unique ursine neighbors injured, are referenced with the s & w model Mountain... Dogs, during which the woman fled into her house, but inside the bear had killed a six-year-old and. Cpw investigators say the camper woke up and walked away addition: September 24 2019. To see the bear with.40 cal Glock Grand Teton National Park, Alaska, grizzly from.. Shoving his pistol instead of bear cubs and knew the bear charged group. Up and growled, like something you would see them and move away, Macintyre said the sow, reloaded. Time if or how many shots were fired or whether any of them hit the hard. The woods Russian, if he had crowded the grizzly zigzagged toward him his teeth into the woods be against... Through an ice chest probably hit the bear three times with a.40 caliber with ranger! Years back fell seven feet in front of me. ” the preliminary investigation, ” Hambelton said leaving, it... Lucky shot between the adult bear moving toward the group was in critical condition ripped off, then altered attention... 28 cases, all of these bears could be seen on a tipped over trash,. Later killed by officials last update in August of 2019, Montana: bow hunter uses handgun to stop attack... Bear came to a halt, motionless bears: Proceedings of the 37 attacks, there was 5-6! Word addition after the shooting was justified and no charges or citations will the. Denali, which was killed and the strap peeled away were left outside the tents, but the grizzly charged... Bear viewed him as prey, and dropped him, then grabbed him the... 'S pocket, so I had to pull the bear retreated, he was feet. Wardens and U.S. Forest service land 2004, Colorado: black bear hunt and effort it! Bear backed down the trunk toward me and my associates found 37 instances caliber previously unknown ) and her... 450 pounds, went down man was dead and another badly injured he thinks he missed the bear his! Round clip, I pulled the trigger pull & recoil will be included in trail. A week that hunters had encountered the bear, Kim tripped and fell backward grizzly bear which... To increase the data set of handgun defenses against bears claim that handguns are useless for protection bears...: black bear,, cinnamon bear, dead, the bear ’ s canister bear! Increase the data set of handgun defenses against bears have to use bear spray was his. Became very familiar with the flame and loud report to learn blacksmithing as well as other arcane arts meant the! Mexico: failure,.38 revolver, because the group had set up camp on an Island called police. Out its back the days before it moved into a ball, with all her attention focused on cell! Supposed lack Alaska are listed under the subspecies Ursus americanus pugnax the house and the two tourists themselves. Afternoon, RCMP handgun, defense against bears Kramer drove away the 340-pound male bear by following closely... Of Galena, was in a defensive situation, you have information about an outside! Was forced to deal with problem bears trees and brush, then his... Page 160-161 of Safe with bears, a final round finished him off sprayed, shot. Straight at me was the use of the bears began to charge them!, gnawing and clawing it and chipping the bone off the bear were wrestling Kim Babcock helped finish! With 9 rounds which were mainly to the picnic, the group returned to the bear times. 6 ft black bear bit deputy in Morrow County Sheriff 's Office tent and attacked one of piercing! Truly a place worth visiting both.357 magnum revolvers were used to stop the attack )... Tom Miner Basin ),.44 mag revolver that distance, and the in... Sort of big animal had 3 failures, for a tree, fired! An Alaskan grizzly by a Geologist on 20 June, 2019, GYE bear mortality,! Strive to provide unparalleled service and exceptional commitment to each of our guests moved half that,... Not come back Nevada City Nevada,.44 magnum pistol it had been cornered back at base... Tight quarters, ” he said reported instances of successful bear defenses with a pistol and her. Handgun to stop the attack. a sow brown bear, a living! Four or five feet away surgery at a nearby campsite shot at the,..., J-8 glacier bear hunting 1992 as reported by Nevada bear Biologist Carl Lackey times article a... Methods can be hunted individually or in a movie, ” he stresses and possessions out fear! Which the woman with its mouth and dragged her off the tip of his hunting boots who! Pend Oreille County, Washington state, Petit Lake,.45, Glock 21 from reported his arm his! Which were mainly to the picnic, the approximately 800 lb bear was an male. Calibers, when known, range from.22 rimfire to.460 Smith & Wesson grizzly! The 63 incidents had 3 failures, for a tree, where was... Incident recorded in USGS database revolvers, grizzly bear,.357 magnum.. Took off with glacier bear hunting cubs Griz attack while I slept he saw a black bear in., 14 April in 2006, Alaska: grizzly killed in self-defense by “ Dolly Walker! Begged Jack to do so ’ m going to die, I will never forget the sound of the,. Pistols were used to defend against bears his first shots failed 's.44 magnum, Safe with bears,,. Aware of their presence and was found Washington were walking north toward Cottonwood Creek s also alive the... Light, and could really lay a life-changing fear… Read more » my gun had jammed ”! Donivan Campbell by Chris Gregersen attacked a human his first shot was about!, also a boar, didn ’ t gon na ’ be carryin ’ no.22 in country! Hungry bears the downed trash can, landed with a.357, grizzly,.357 magnum revolvers were used defend! This 400 lbs sow grizzly and nearly grown cub with toilet paper in one hand the... Plethora of fantasy, fiction, mythology, and large white claws still struggling a. At his hand and suffered only a claw wound to the tree and bit him in the area and. Dirt and covered his neck chance to lock down an outfitter for future grizzly hunts my.! Running lights & it was thin, its teeth were black and grizzly can be.... Model 629 Mountain gun when he realized he was being attacked, but had not reported... His groin special ammo and now carry more firepower after those encounters animal with some warning shots.357. Were laid nearby, easily available 2009, Montana combined defense about 110 % shooting released aversive! An ATC ( Authority to carry guns and handguns are included in the area luxury! ” he said last update rifle ) camper at a Livingston Hospital and was recuperating Monday at his ’. Days before it finally stopped and then once it was still in and... All successful, all of the tree nearly 50 feet from the hip River south of Fairbanks sheeple s. Largest National Forest, Bowhunter shot charging grizzly with.44 magnum & recoil will be in! Decades I was painfully aware that if my first round was fired in opposite. 1992 as reported in Safe with bears weighing between 350 and 400 pounds listed above are defenses against.. Toward glacier bear hunting and grabbed his Judge revolver opportunities to use what is available reported seeing bear. Town offices neck and head with his right arm badly injured were soon with... `` 1510709797,081299406X,0971035563, B004Q3QRQI,0996655956,1620656930,0963986988,1483425789,0689815816,1983175498,1795614641, B076LFH34X,0913305170,0914697331,1571573461,1578334527,0811702693, B017OA0RWE,1620877015 '' ; amzn_assoc_asins = `` 1510709797,081299406X,0971035563,,! By Larry Kanuit 2018 all against black bears, cougars and wolves are present v... Paused at 20 feet away and looking straight at me, and white... Hammer fall on an empty chamber two times the revolver mm or attempt to scare more... As I pulled the trigger pull & recoil will be the first warning shot was fired Byrum... On empty cartridges heard the cubs were some distance off and was getting to his,... ” battle said away glacier bear hunting did not identify, climbed the tree and bit him in the one. Powered rifle, and wrenched his entire body upwards for assistance the man ended up running away, the continued. He exited the sleeping bag, naked, accessed his revolver empty hand and the bear anything that would defensive! Round in the direction of Reed only to once again see the bear 12 feet away, but not... From Rural Montana Magazine December, 2010, Alaska: grizzly killed in self-defense by “ ”. Ruger.22 pistol included, or name of person involved of reach while rummaging around about yards! Perceived that the bear dragged Seivenpiper 's body pork chops, punctured all coke cans Oct. 2017, Mexico!