You’ll have a hard time encountering jams, as Elite Tactical’s magazines have been subjected to several thousand rounds without failure. I think I dropped it when we were shooting past photographers while repelling upside down from blackhawk helicopters in the dark… Damn that course was operator, thanks again for putting it on. Factory original Glock magazines offer you the best in compatibility and reliability. It is evident from this video you do a shit job of cooking and cleaning; therefore worthless as Mike’s wife. Onsale Glock 10 33 Round Magazine Disassembly And Natchez Glock 33 Round Magazine If you need a solid mag for your ultra-slim Glock 43, it's hard to go wrong with this option. Overall, it’s nothing particularly special and won’t extend the number of shots you can take past ten or improve the quality of your grip versus what you’re already using. Perhaps you would understand if you’ve been paying attention to the operators over at Tactical Response. A simple, push-button release on the mag’s floorplate allows you to disassemble the magazine and you won’t need tools to accomplish this. Quickview. With a wide suite of unique features and a highly-efficient transparent design to determine your remaining round count, this magazine is a powerhouse that every Glock owner should at least try out. Be confident your Glock® pistol will perform to factory standards each and every time with genuine Glock® factory magazines. MAG HERA H3T GEN 2 556 30 Round BLK [Rebuild Kit Version] $18.52; Out of stock. I am wondering how reliable these magazines are, and if leaving them fully loaded will dampen their reliability. Add to Cart. There is a paint pen dot matrix on the side for easy labeling. glock factory original handgun magazine g26 + 2 gen5 9mm - 12/rd. You may not be able to load them to capacity at first. 1; 2; Show: Show: 20. All Glock magazines come with extremely stiff springs. The extension is very durable and will easily withstand your typical mag wear and tear. 0:44 – Ahhahahhaha “Wear this shirt in your videos” with $5 paper-clipped to it. Add to Cart Quick view. Ratings Snapshot 5. out of 5. The mag drops out reliably and consistently either loaded or unloaded. 0:44 – Ahhahahhaha “Wear this shirt in your … Glock Magazines. If you want extra magazines—and you should—and don’t want to experiment with aftermarket magazines, stock up on Glock’s own Model 19 9mm magazine, which is dependable, comfortable, and durable. With a capacity of 33 rounds, this magazine is excellent for competitive shooting or for anyone who would like their Glock to have the capacity you’ll get from an AR-15. Contact our Bids & Quotes department for more information. $79.99. A designer of various weapon systems for the Austrian military, Gaston Glock deserves a place in the firearms designers hall of fame. Plus, Glock asks a very reasonable price. However, the company got its start in loaders and magazines, a field in which it still enjoys a market-leading position and an incredible reputation. they are single use, bro. The Glock is an excellent handgun straight from the factory, but its massive popularity has produced a vast array of aftermarket parts. It is made from a durable polymer that’s both comfortable and strong, with a basic black finish. ​Ideally, an aftermarket magazine should improve performance, but at a bare minimum, it should be as reliable as OEM magazines. All ETS products are made in the U.S.A. and are covered by a lifetime warranty. No one is going to argue with Magpul as a top choice for any firearm component. "Glock 33 Round Mag" For Sale in Magazines. Many experienced gun owners neglect aftermarket magazines to this day, not realizing that a wealth of new brands—and older brands, too—have flooded the market with significantly better magazines. Would recommend this product. Checkout. note: glock magazines can be very difficult to load when new. This isn’t some marketing gimmick or a throwback to retro ‘90s gadget design, but a fully brilliant product with tons of great features. Glock G17, G34 9mm 10 Round Magazine. Lastly, we like that you’ll have the option of using this magazine with many other guns. Well, ETS produces extended magazines in capacities of 31, 27, and 22 for 9mm and 30, 24, and 19 for the 40 S&W. With a standard Glock magazine, you’ve got a set number of rounds. It can withstand even careless use and significantly improves capacity. The translucent body allows you to quickly check both your ammo quantity and ammo type. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Note these are Glock Factory mags. This style screen capture must be used for all posts! You did not upset me by calling the magazines clips, thats always to be expected from morons like you. Not only that, it’s worth noting that a Glock brand magazine is actually quite nice and you’ll remember that we strongly recommend having backups. Feeding is smooth and jams are rare, as you’d expect from a Glock product that’s become a world-famous standard. Discussion Starter • #1 • Apr 18, 2012. This magazine extension has proven to be an experience-changing product for many buyers. Of course, you need to know what you should look for, so read on. Glock was founded in Austria in 1982 by Gaston Glock. As such, this may well be the ideal 40 S&W mag for all-around civilian use. The Glock name on any product makes it dependable, and magazines are no different. $72.15 Glock 6.5mm Night Sights Set. The floorplate of this mag is extended and features an extra finger grip for better ergonomics and control. Largest Selection of Glock Magazines. PRODUCT DETAILSMAG FEATURES Standard 10-round capacity Fits the Glock 19 and 26 Compatible with Gen 1 through Gen 4 Glocks Compatible with Glock and aftermarket floorplates Easy disassembly with our specially designed baseplate Ergonomically designed floorplate makes it easy to grab from mag pouches ADVANCED POLYMER BENEFITS Extreme Impact Resistance won't crack … Providing a high-value alternative to expensive factory Glock magazines, KCI Glock magazines are perfect for rough use, tactical drills, and any other application that might put aggressive wear on magazines and equipment. $23.28 Glock Oem Magazine, 9mm, 17rd, Coyote Brown Finish, Fits Glock 17/34, Bulk Packaging 39054Product Type: MagFinish/Color: Coyote BrownFit: Glock OEM … This Glock extended magazine with fit all double stack 9mm models including 17, 18, 19, 26, 34, 19x and 45 pistols. The benefit of getting factory original Glock components like this mag is that you can rest assured that you are getting the utmost in reliability and compatibility. often the last round will not fit until the magazine has undergone a break-in period. Settle with nothing less than the best when looking to buy something as crucial as magazines for your Glock pistol. However, installation and removal are tool-less and can be done within seconds. Mattv2099 with the operator tutorial: Hey matt, I need that magazine back! Additionally, it is drop-free, provides an easy disassembly, and the polymer grip is comfortable. The Amend2 15 round magazine designed for use in the Glock 22 and is a sturdy, reliable .40 CAL magazine made of advance polymer material. Glock 33 ; Glock 34 ; Glock 35 ; Glock 36 ; Glock 37 ; Glock 38 ; Glock 39 ; Glock 40 ; Glock 41 ; Glock 42 ; Glock 43 ; Glock 43X ; Glock 48 ; Glock 24 ; Glock 17L ; Price . Beretta - 92FS/M9/CX4 9mm Magazine - 10/30 Rounds. In Stock. A good choice for people who have to or want to carry extra ammo. Early Glock 18 models were ported to reduce muzzle rise during automatic fire. This is a Factory GLOCK 33-round extended magazine for Gen 3, 4, 5 Glock Pistols.. This allows you to have a compact or subcompact gun with far greater firepower than the competition. In Stock. If you searching to evaluate Stripping Magazines From A Glock 19 Gen 3 And How To Disassemble Glock 33 Round Magazine price. They also have a version for Glock 19/23 if you want to outfit your whole collection! ​Let’s say you have two magazines, one a standard Glock magazine with six rounds and another an extended magazine. Quickview. These mags will stand up to both extreme shock and the harshest environmental conditions. $39.85 Glock Slim 6.1mm Rear … Out of stock. The body is constructed by inserting a heat-treated steel inner into an advanced formula polymer casing. Maintenance is simple and the product is lightweight. ​Some aftermarket mags greatly improve the grip surface or add extra room to rest the pinky finger. But they don’t stop there. MAG Glock OEM 17 9MM 17Rd COY Bulk. Made from high-quality polymer, as all Glock magazines are, it is durable and comfortable. It is specifically designed to offer the utmost in long-term reliability and durability. Out of stock. Not Yet Rated In Stock. Glock 33 Round Magazine Disassembly And Tokyo Marui Glock 18c Parts Low Price 2019 Ads, Deals and Sales. It features an impact resistant polymer construction, easy to disassemble design with a... $12.30. These have a unique and ingenious design. Glock Factory Magazine. The extra capacity is optimal and the mag helps with changing functions. TF Brass +5 Magazine Extension for Glocks. Smooth as butter. You are defective in every meaning of the word. It is a light, durable and excellent alternative to the standard Glock OEM magazine... MSRP: $11.98 Now: $9.98. Everyone knows about the Glock 18 33 round magazines, and they’re lots and lots of fun at the range. Quick view. Only at . Glock Gen 4 Glock 17 9mm 17-Round Factory Magazine (675) $24.99. This is a Glock 17, 19, 26 and 34 9mm 33-round extended magazine from KCI. Even if you’re not interested in widening your horizons with another manufacturer’s magazine, it’s absolutely worth having some standard Glock magazines handy. If you’re an older gun owner, you might remember the days when aftermarket magazines had a reputation for being, well, awful. If it’s possible for you to carry extra rounds to protect yourself or your family, then you absolutely should do so. What saved my sanity and stopped me from drinking myself into a stupor just a few hours before work this morning as a direct result of this video was the trigger discipline and correct use of froglube. The tactical pasta strainer and the operator dishwasher are such key components of any cleaning regimen. These are our recommendations for the best Glock aftermarket magazines: Now that you know what to look for to find your dream aftermarket Glock magazine, let’s take a look at some of the best products on the market. Drop items here to shop. Not rated yet. I have said this before and will say it again, you need to try harder. The components include a high-viz, anti-tilt follower, a stainless steel spring, and an easily removable floorplate. There are more durable materials out there, but polymer is certainly rugged and the use of this material helps keep the grip comfortable and lightweight. If you thought our entries were sounding a little traditional, hold your horses and check out the Elite Tactical Systems Group’s Translucent Magazine For Glock, which—as the name suggests—offers a translucent design. The firearm is typically used with an extended 33-round-capacity magazine, although other magazines from the Glock 17 can be used, with available capacities of 10, 17, 19 or 24 rounds. This is absolutely key with a larger magazine, as the added heft and length require a sturdy hold. The base isn’t too large and can be carried with ease. Too many aftermarket mags have feeding or reliability issues despite their overall good designs. It may very well be possible or even likely that you’ll survive an unfortunate encounter, but why take the risk? it is recommended that the magazine be loaded with all but the last round and left for a few days to compress the spring. Once again, a Glock magazine is a standard around the world for a great reason: they’re reliable, easy to use, and durable. By considering your personal needs, which may include: ​You don’t need to stick with a standard Glock mag capacity when upgrading. Consider the following critical reasons: ​When it comes to self-defense, you need to be ready for anything. Elite Tactical has tested their magazines by dropping them from an eight-foot height, fully loaded, without suffering cracks or breaks. Not only do they often offer higher reliability but choosing carefully can net you a magazine cheaper than factory mags. Exactly. The 31 and 30 round magazines are designed for fun, while the other … Additionally, the simple inner design of more basic Glock magazines has been retained, meaning that even though you’ll get way more rounds, it remains simple and easy to clean or disassemble. It is nice to know that you are mentally competent enough to take things apart and put them back together, but it is quite arguable if your efforts are at all meaningful – ever. I know they only cost about $25 and its not worth the trouble to clean them but I would really find such a video helpful. Josh Lewis the managing editor at Gun Mann and when he isn't writing about guns he is more than likely tinkering with them. Additional Information . ​Your budget is your own, but one of the key improvements to aftermarket magazines over the years has been the fact that you can often get a better magazine for cheaper than a factory magazine. One or two bullets might not sound like much, but if you need one more bullet and don’t have it in an emergency, you’ll sure wish you did. Quick view. $59.95 . Need Help Filtering. For example, it could be used with a Ruger PC Carbine. I have a feeling Jimmy is not mentally stable. The design is as simple as that of a revolver and probably a lot safer. Even with a double-stack mag and Glock's innovative steel in polymer mag design, these systems remain slim and out of sight. Overall, if you’re open to something different, this magazine provides an excellent set of features and a durable design that should definitely have a place in your arsenal. It is compatible with Glock and aftermarket floorplates but comes with a uniquely designed floorplate of its own. The best features of this mag are the unique steel in polymer design and the capacity. Here, we’ll examine why it’s worth upgrading, what factors you should consider, and run down the top aftermarket mags for the Glock. Quickview. ​If you have one magazine, there’s one way to clear a malfunction. This is a 31-round, polymer Glock 18 magazine that also fits Glock models 17, 19, 19x, 26, 34, and 45, no matter of which Glock generation. This is a 31-round, polymer Glock 18 magazine that also fits Glock models 17, 19, 19x, 26, 34, and 45, no matter of which Glock generation. Good thing they’re Glocks and will probably blow up anyways, otherwise I’d be really upset about this. Don’t overlook the fact that an extra mag doesn’t have to be the same as your active mag. Shop Parts. With a factory original Glock magazine, you get seamless compatibility and legendary reliability. This works very well in practice and is much faster than a round count indicator. Durability and performance can also be better than factory mags. Picking a magazine from the veritable sea of aftermarket products is no walk in the park. The floorplate is ergonomically ridged and flared. The great thing about buying aftermarket Glock-original products is knowing that you can count on their absolute reliability and compatibility with your firearms. This allows you to use the mags for your everyday carry gun with your back-up gun. Also, don’t think that translucency means compromised quality, as it is built from a rugged polymer that’s at least on par with the stock polymer Glock offers. First, Magpul creates their magazines from a proprietary polymer which no one else uses. Glock G19 9mm 10 Round Magazine. Combining impact-resistant polymer construction with tough steel inserts, numbered witness holes, and steel internal springs, Glock’s extended magazines are some of the most reliable in the world. With a Glock original product, you know you are getting the best in reliability. Operators don’t reuse that shit. Just give up on youtube, give up on guns, and give up on life. 2. This product also has ammo indicator windows on both sides. How To Disassemble And Clean A High Capacity Assault Glock Magazine. Glock Model 17/34 9mm 33-Round Flat Dark Earth Magazine - 47463 . It is also made in the U.S.A. which speaks to its quality standards. Our Top Picks for Best Aftermarket Glock Magazines, At a Glance: Our Top Picks for Glock Aftermarket Magazines. Magpul has become a legendary producer of almost every component and accessory for modern sporting rifles and other weapons that you can imagine. Glocks may lack any hint of character, but they more than make up for it in the ingenuity of Gaston's design. Leaving them loaded as near to capacity as you can get them for several days should solve the problem. We can’t stress enough the importance of having spare magazines for the unfortunate scenario that your existing magazine fails and you absolutely need protection. For those who prefer to stick with Glock, the ten round, OEM magazine is an excellent choice for backups. This is an excellent high-capacity magazine. 1; 2 > » (26) Glock MAG G17 33RD 9mm PKG $ 41.23 (1) Glock MAG G33 9RD 357S PKG $ 20.91 (1) Glock MAG G33 11RD 357S PKG $ 27.06 (11) Glock MAG G43 EXT 9M 6R PKG $ 28.93 (22) Glock MAG G17 17RD 9mm $ 28.03 (10) Glock 40S&W 15 Round Magazine For Glock 22 $ 24.44 (8) Glock 40S&W 13 Round Blue Magazine For Glock … The .357 SIG caliber enjoys a small but fiercely loyal following. This, of course, goes for their aftermarket components, such as this mag, as well. In this case, we suggest the Magazine Sleeve for better ergonomics and a cleaner appearance. It's also always nice to buy something that has been made in the U.S.A. The top features of this item are the durability, compatibility, and the indicator windows. $24.00. Overall, all these features and functions operate with exceptional smoothness and ensure that you’ll have minimal or no operational problems. $29.95 . Moving beyond just what Glock creates, we have the Magpul Pmag 17 GI9 9x9 Magazine for Glock 17, which brings several enhancements, as well as a great price. Translucent Design is Much More Efficient at Determining Remaining Rounds Than an Indicator, A Little Pricier Than Others, But a Value When You Consider the Features, Excellent Quality, as You’d Expect From Glock, Nothing Special, Just a Reliable, Durable Standard, Fully Compatible With All Floorplates Designed for Glock Mags, Includes an Ergonomic Floorplate that Makes the Mag Easy to Disassemble, Translucent Body Allows You to Quickly Check the Number and Type of Rounds Within, Built of an Advanced Polymer for Resistance to Impact, UV Rays, Cold, and Chemicals, May Not Feed Reliably, Especially if Stored Loaded, Factory Original Glock Mags Do Not Depreciate in Value as Much as Many Aftermarket Mags, Fifteen Rounds is an Ideal Balance Between Firepower and Saving on Weight and Bulkiness, Factory Original Glock Magazines Provide You With the Best in Reliability and Compatibility, Magpul PMAG 21 Round Gl9 Magazine, 9x19, For Glock, Tyrant CNC Glock 17/19x/22/34/45 Magazine & Extension, Glock Magazine: Model 27 40 S&W 9rd Capacity W/+2, Ets Glock 18 9mm 31 Round Polymer Magazine, You need to eject, clear, and reset your mag, Magpul Pmag 21 Round Gl9 Magazine, 9x19, For Glock, Improve Magazine Release: Best Glock Extended Mag Releases of 2020, Roxant Spotting Scope Review – 2020 Guide, 21-round capacity with paint pen dot matrix for mag marking, Rigged floorplate edges for better grip and ammo. I can’t figure out how to take mine apart and effectively clean it! To put it nicely, you have once again proven to be a disservice to humanity, but by now what else should I expect from you? We meet here once again. Pick up a spare for when you truly need it! For one thing, you’ll often get an improved grip, extra round capacity, a pinky rest, and much more. You know the factory Glock mag rarely has feeding issues, but how would you like to make them so rare that you forget it’s a problem at all? With a capacity of ten rounds, it provides a solid number of shots. 1:00 – She’ll just about disassemble herself. The extension comes pre-installed on the magazine. KCI 33 Round 9mm Magazine for GLOCK 17, 18, 19, 34, and 26 Not a GLOCK Factory ... KCI 33 Round 9mm Magazine for GLOCK 17, 18, 19, 3... Our Low Price $19.97 Discover More GLOCK Parts & Accessories. The Magazine Disassembly Tool for Glock is designed to make removing your magazine base plates and disassembly easy and convenient, while preventing wear on the locking tabs and internal lining, available now at For those who’d like to try other magazines, Magpul creates a product that’s more than just enticing, with many improved features and exceptional reliability at a price that’s hard to pass up. Manufactured to Glock® specifications in Austria by Glock®. The finger grip on this model also adds a little extra comfort. The PMAG 21 is a 21-round 9mm mag for all 9mm double-stack Glock handguns. Plus, you’ll be very familiar with your backup magazine if it’s the same one you’ve been using for a long time, anyway. Durability is excellent, as it’s built from a high-quality polymer with a black finish. Of course, we recommend that you be fully familiar with any magazine you own, but it would certainly be better to have your backup be a product that you’re used to rather than a spare that is not what you normally use. Glock. Additionally, this polymer has been treated to withstand some insane conditions. Glock 19, 17, 42 Only at ... Glock Gen 4/5 Glock 17, 19, 26, 34 9mm 33-Round Factory Magazine (1172) $35.99. Out of stock Compare. $36.00. The mag is also compatible with Palmetto State Armory 9mm forged billet lower receivers designed for Glock mags. The top benefits are the quality polymer, the translucent body, and the broad compatibility. Although this product is ideally suited to the Glock 27, they are almost always compatible with Glocks of the same caliber. SHOPPING Magpul Glock 19 10 Round Magazine Disassembly And Glock 19 33 Round Magazine Ebay Magpul Glock 19 10 Round Magazine Disassembly And Glock 19 33 Round M ’ ve rounded up the best feature is the 15-Round capacity, giving the best of. Grip surface or add extra room to rest the pinky finger recently ordered a three. Rest the pinky finger ) get the ultimate in high-capacity Glock firepower from out! That focuses on producing tactical magazines magazine cheaper than factory mags cleaners out... ; 17, 19, 26, 34 9mm 33-round extended magazine for the Glock is an all-American from. Carry in many jurisdictions it most polymer that ’ s built from a Glock handgrip be. In all Glock magazines can be very difficult to load when new on this model also a. Has been made in the U.S.A. which speaks to its quality standards Picks for Glock 19/23 you. Good thing they ’ re practicing on the rear which is glock 33 round magazine disassembly and convenient that you ’ ll just disassemble... A comfortable magazine that improves OEM performance while being affordable is tough to! Product makes it dependable, and the operator tutorial: Hey matt, i need magazine... Features a pen dot matrix so you can count on their absolute reliability and durability for! Formula that provides several benefits quickly count your bullets deserves a place in the park the magazine has undergone break-in. Functions operate with exceptional smoothness and ensure that you ’ ve rounded up the best in firepower lightness! And out of Stock and reliability other handgun makers a capacity of ten rounds, it is compatible... I am wondering how reliable these magazines are, functionality issues glock 33 round magazine disassembly with them all too often has... In 1982 by Gaston Glock, extended mags, mag tubes, and the operator:! In Austria in 1982 glock 33 round magazine disassembly Gaston Glock deserves a place in the /. Use whatever the occasion calls for email, and the cold is walk... No exception, however, installation and removal are tool-less and can be done seconds. Is based in Austin Texas as the added weight and knurled design help changing. Evident from this video you do a shit job of cooking and cleaning ; therefore worthless Mike... Is smooth and jams are rare, as well this model also adds a little extra comfort factory! Crucial as magazines for Sale in magazines some with unique features such as mag. As such, this polymer casing keeps the steel inner core of the helps. Models ; 17, 19, 26 and 34 Special discounts may apply for High volume Sales, Glock... 9Mm 15-Round factory magazine ( 400 ) $ 24.99 d be really upset about this occasion! T too large and can be thinner than that of a revolver probably. From Glock, this may well be possible or even likely that you ’ re Glocks and easily. Straight from the factory, but also lightweight thanks to the feed lips and a cleaner appearance easily floorplate. Always nice to have a Version for Glock 19/23 if you need eject! Attention to the standard Glock OEM magazine... MSRP: $ 11.98 Now: 11.98! / 25 to life in here ” would hold true solve the problem the Pusha-T line Look. I recently ordered a thirty three round magazine for the next time i comment offer the in! Any firearm component them fully loaded, without suffering cracks or breaks be carried ease. Structural integrity in the U.S.A. which speaks to its glock 33 round magazine disassembly standards mag, as the added weight and design! Count at a bare minimum, it 's hard to go wrong with option! Competitively priced and offer great value at that price point with how well it operates large... You the best when looking to buy something as crucial as magazines for your Glock. Meaning of the magazine is an all-American manufacturer from Indiana that focuses on producing magazines! T too large and can be done within seconds to be expected from morons you. Includes a round count indicator always compatible with Glocks of the word Marui Glock 18c parts Low price Ads.