However, plastic pots can cause the soil to retain too much moisture, which causes rotting of the roots. The String of Hearts is a trailing succulent-type plant with long slender stems. Marelis Apr 9, 2020 5:01 AM CST. While growing these succulent outdoors is usually much easier, it can also be tricky sometimes. I know the glazed pot is a no-no so I make sure to water it very minimally and I am waiting until spring/summer to repot. Here I completely cut back my String Of Hearts & show those propagation methods: This is how the plant looked 7 months ago – those tangled trails were at least 6′ long. “You can die of a broken heart — it's scientific fact — and my heart has been breaking since that very first day we met.I can feel it now, aching deep behind my rib cage the way it does every time we're together, beating a desperate rhythm: Love me. If a dying person is attached to a heart rate monitor, those around them will be able to see when their heart has stopped working, meaning that they have died. Using the wrong pot can also lead to a string of pearls plant dying. String of hearts plant light, location and temperature Light. I ordered it online and got it yesterday but it doesn't seem healthy at all. My String of Bananas Plant Is Dying. My string of hearts keep having leaves shrivel and die but I don’t know why! String of Hearts, Ceropegia woodii, is just one of many species in the genus Ceropegia that are grown as ornamental houseplants.Native to southern Africa, from Zimbabwe to eastern South Africa, this tender perennial plant in the milkweed subfamily (Asclepiadoideae) of the dogbane family (Apocynaceae) is sometimes classified as C. linearis subsp. I really need help with my string of hearts. In other words, if not cared properly, these striking succulents can di Shes older now so is less interested so an emergency repot was in order, and its coming back from the dead. woodii. The string of bananas plant (Senecio radicans) gives the look of an exotic, high-maintenance plant but requires minimal care. I pluck off the yellow leaves when they come off easily but I am just concerned as to why this is happening! In its natural habitat there are few trees and other plants to shelter Ceropegia woodii from the harsh African sun. String of pearls is one of the most fabulous succulents. Other signs of death include: The side facing out to the morning sun was a bronzy-red. When Your Heart Breaks … (Literally). Any ideas why leaves are dying and falling off? … Tigeilly liked to play with the hanging stems and it got very bedraggled. This is the underside where the foliage was nice & green. As a result, it has evolved to withstand and even appreciate quite a bit of light. For around a month and a half now the lower leaves of my string of hearts keep turning yellow, shrivelling up and dying. Views: 374, Replies: 1 » Jump to the end. Lyon France . Ask a Question forum: Dying string of hearts. The String of Hearts plant might look very delicate, but it is deceptively easy to care for. Their green, plump, pearl-like look quickly gain popularity in the succulent-lover community. The soil is VERY dry and it shouldn’t be too cold. I make sure to water the plant only when it is dry, which I measure with a moisture meter. Since these plants can grow long trailing vines, they are often planted in lightweight, hanging pots to allow them to grow freely. Here are the stems I cut off 1 1/2 months ago. Along those stems grow pairs of small heart-shaped leaves. They have beautiful marbled patterns of white on green on the top and pink-purple undersides. Hi!! My poor old ceropegia woodii, had it since 2004, no problems, then we got cats!