Dec 11, 2016 - Explore Josie C Shaw's board "AUSTRALIAN COMMERCIALS (60's,to 80's)", followed by 165 people on Pinterest. Except, the words are changed to, "You're a whole new generation, lovin' what you do,put a pepsi in the motion ,the choice is up to you. Chomp! For an extra 10 cents, you could upgrade to a Quarter Pounder with Cheese. So be cool stay in school BE COOL STAY in school. Our memory banks are filled with the tastes, smells and packaging of snacks, quick meals, cereals and drinks of decades gone by. The Jingle went "Pound Puppy you were sad and lonely but you`re home now you`re my one and only.Pound Puppy you`re my one and only puppy love" It showed Kids going to the Pound to get Their Pound Puppies and them playing with the Dogs. The friend says "Yo, this Pam...she got a sistah?" A doctor snorts cocaine before going into surgery. Shine! Warners Retro Corner TV. This avert has the song 'Something inside so strong' by Labbi Siffre.It shows the differences of what people go through in life. And lucky for me I haven't done drugs. Arlington Heights got its stage installed in their new location which opened … Your email address will not be published. This commercial was so scary that it sent my sister and me screaming to our room everytime it came on! The kid opened the box and there was a huge supply of string cheese in that box. That's a cavity, hey that's new. Cross on the cross on the green, not in-between. commercials from the eighties TV. [space] "You could learn a lot from a dummy - buckle your safety belt.". A well executed TV commercial has the power to make us experience all kinds of emotion – laughter, sadness, fear even, all in a matter of minutes. If you weren't an '80s kid, read on to find out all the weird goodies we were pigging out on. You see the carbonation fizzing at the top. A song with a bunch of very 80's Aerobics people doing a kinda twist while stomping out cigarattes. "Go from flat to fluffy!" He knew what women liked, didn't he?). I want to know who that dark haired guy is that kisses a woman, both of which are standing in front of a peugout 309. Yaaaaahhh!" ", Public Service Announcement:Don't Drink and Drive, I think this one aired in the early to mid 80s. Try Fruity Pebbles for a fruity taste! Chomp! I just remember a bunch of teenagers in a dark alley skateboarding and hangin' out and stuff. As a kid in the '80s, it was all about the bubble gum. "Mary Me Sue". Pac-Man cereal is part of this good breakfast You can do the Pac-Man. A bunch of kids are dancing in the street imitating Michael Jackson. Perk it up, perk it up! "Another $21!". ...miss it. The commercial's success is thanks to all its theatrics crammed into a … No-oh-oh-oh-oh!" Delicious! Here's how it goes. 0:29. BE AN ORIGINAL! Solo girl: "And all through the night, when I'm holding you tight." They both start break dancing and then a girl sits next to the boy with the Pepsi and says "got a Pepsi for me?" A man pulls out documents from a file cabinets and reveals that some places use pizza cheese with modified food starch. The guy proposes to his girlfriend by skywriting Mary me Sue in the sky. Involved a guy talking to the Parkay container calling it margarine until he tastes it, then he calls it butter at which point the container would say "Parkay"; the Parkay container would talk by opening and closing it's lid like a pair of lips. Proline! I don't remember the beginning of it, but I know it's a preview on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.. And the seatbelt goes CLING! He opens up one side of his cape to reveal an escape route map. Commercial ends with "Pepsi...the choice of a new generation. Read a book like me and soon you'll see that reading is where it's at! Announcer: If you want to be cool stay in school. Then the commerical ends "Man what a drag?" Sometimes you can't pull up your Shazam app quickly enough to figure out what that darn song is in that one commercial you always see. Favorite Commercials From Television and Radio in the Eighties, Products Beginning with P. It had a little jingle with some little girls singing: "P.J. Marac. So, please, don't smoke." You can curl it--you can curl it yourself. He got to choose his clothes, and his music. The Decorated Cookie • Wordpress VPS •. "I've got a dog named Ziggy Zamboni; what he wouldn't do to get a pup-a-roni; Pup-pup-a-roni, Pup-pup-a-roni...", There was this toy called Puppy Surprise, which I guess was this female stuffed dog that had baby puppies inside you could remove. A male V/O says: "Kids will believe anything that their parents tell them.". I remember my sisters and I singing along with it sometime in the 80's. You knew they'd turn up eventually. C3PO: Well, I don't think smoking makes you look grown up at all. This aired on NYC TV, and I think it was also for "beautiful Mount Airy Lodge". Sort of like a Game Boy thing, where you put a cartrige with some music like Bon Jovi,etc. Does anyone remember Madge? The driver responds with the comment, "Ah, whats a few beers?" Setting: an MC Hammer concert... Hammer needs something to drink so he takes a few swigs of coke.... the concert comes to a complete stop as Hammer croons "Feeeeeeeeelings... nothing more than feeeeeelings.." a concerned fan in the audience (sporting a high-top fade) hands him a Pepsi, to which Hammer replies "Proper!" Do you remember these TV shows and movies? Not every ad lists names for actors, but you can learn the title of the commercial or find out the name of the advertising agency that produced the ad. Now I'm dead and that really stinks. You can watch and see if the branding is the same as what you remember. Moms bra is uncomfortable after long day. Two young American males and three American girls walk into Pizza Hut with Sven, a blonde male friend presumably from Sweden (two of the girls are holding his arms). Uh oh, here comes the hammer..) He went backstage for a minute to grab a drink but all they had was Coke; when he came back on the stage he started singing "Feelings... nothing more than feeeeeelings.." and the audience was confused. Plus, we’ve covered everything … games, prizes, food, favors and the option Wanting to grant the woman's request, he jumps out his kitchen window, runs down the fire escape in the pouring rain and crosses the street, where there is a Pepsi machine. (Shows Pitfall loaded into the Atari 2600) (Show screenshot) With scorpions, tarpits, and rolling logs. "You'll wonder where the yellow went when you brush your teeth with Pepsodent.". Shine! This ad featured a cigarette butt that was lit and other kids. He got picked last to be on the basketball team. The salesman will do anything to secure the copy till the end of his pitch. This page currently edited by: Dagwood. Dave and Vince are pulled up at an intersection. The commercial ends with the message "Don't drink and drive". and Cheese "Please, make some Kraft Macaroni and Cheese," another masterful jingle that led to kids singing along and mom's buying the product. What do we do now?" Register for a free account and join our community to post messages about the ad music you are … And lyrics to the song goes: "We are the dummies Crashing on through, Busting our heads just for you. My name is Vince, my job makes me sore, If you buckle up I wouldn't do it no more. KID: And hold the crust. "Look", one of the kids exclaims, "It's Big Cheese and the Food Groupies!!" Man #1: I use it for my runny nose, it's softer. That's why I play right-field, way up where the dandelions grow!" I cannot believe no one mentioned the Pillsbury Dough Boy (aka "Poppin Fresh"). PSA-MAAD (Mother's Aganist Drunk Driving). From the early '80s, Pizza Hut had commericals used a phone and their slogan at the time "Pizza Hut, Pizza to go." Before they took over the world, Apple blew everyone’s minds with their anti-conformist “1984,” one of the best 80s commercials of all time. Don't let you life be just a memory. Not to mention, the trademark 80s commercial jingle that goes along with it. They called me Larry, I'm a dummy, too, If you don't buckle up the dummy is you. The Russian boy, Mickey, starts behave like an American teenager, and so do his friends. Aargh! Anyway, some of the cast from the musical were in costume and sitting atop a car. We have three packages, designed to fit all ages, party sizes and budgets. They're fluffy, they're furry, all the puppies and the purries (at the pound). His response: "None at all.". and when they said that, someone's dialing the phone. It's been like, 20 years since I saw this public service announcement commercial, so bear with me. Showed Robert Palmer in this commercial. Candy buttons, leg warmers, jelly bracelets, Forenza sweaters and Esprit sweatshirts, Madonna gloves, my Cabbage Patch Kid, pudding pops and Pac-Man, Falcon Crest, Golden Girls, Dukes of Hazard, REM and Men at Work…I could go on forever. Readmore. The voice then announces, "Cocaine....the big lie.". Well, at least I think I do. From animated kids flying in outer space to MTV-like music videos, bubble gum companies spared no expense to entice kid's minds into their next purchase at the grocery store (or even candy store. Guy who picks up his head from being crushed (yet in a deep voice): "that little touch of lemon makes it taste so right, Dorky guy in high pitched voice: yeah, we really hate re-takes but we love Pepsi Lite! They sang this song: We're not candy Even tho we look so find and dandy When you're sick we come in handy But...we're not candy... oooohhhh no. One of the guys at the ball, asks, "Can you please pass the jelly" and everyone shrieks, because its Polaner All Fruit and not jelly and plus he had that down south twang when he asked. There were many different "Scruff McGruff" commercials. It involved some penquins and this catchy song... "IF you want to be cool than do what I say You've got to go to school every school day Cause if you want to get a job it's a very simple rule You got to get an education got to go to school You got to get it all together if you want to make it pay you've got to stay in school til graduation day. Cross on the cross on the green, not in-between. (Pound Puppies) Lets go to the pound! "You're soaking it it!" 12. It does dreadful things to your lungs and its very bad for your heart. The commercial "It's not nice to fool mother nature. Kraft Macaroni and Cheese "Please, make some Kraft Macaroni and Cheese," another masterful jingle that led to kids singing along and mom's buying the product. And the dummy yelled "OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" You're the pepsi generation,guzzle down and taste a thriller today,and feel the pepsi way. Now you can sample this delicacy, too, at Pizza Hut!". Boy: Oscar, meet Petey! Big red mom gets all gooshy and says "My little man is growing up!" That is my all-time favorite Pepsi commercial. Boy meets girl. Television aamp; Radio Events Navigation Follows. You need alot of fuel to go on. ", "I'm Captain O.G. Circa early 80s. Chorus: Palmers Cocoa Butter "Moisturize" Palmers Cocoa Butter "Revitalize" "Be a golden woman, let Palmers beautify you." Commercial - Chuck E Cheese Pizza Time Theatre. A song sings "Goin for a ride in the car car car, buckle up to go near or far far far, so you'll be safe when you ride in the car!" The dance was called the Cigarette Mash. It was at Christmas time circa '85/'86 and the song was sung: On the first day after Christmas my true love gave to me...left over turkey...and this turkey was being served to a husband by his wife and he just had this dumb look on his face, you could see the Christmas tree in the back ground becoming just stick and at the end it was "Flaming turkey wings fa-la-la-la, etc. there were these blue puppets that looked like pills...about 6 of them kinda stacked as if they had fallen out of a bottle (and there was a large bottle tipped over that they fell out of).