It works Pusher fans: these fans push air through the radiator and are located on the front of the radiator … It is essential to use a premium coolant that protects the radiator, other metal parts, and seals. It is very easy and inexpensive to update a fixed blade fan to a flex fan. There will be a temperature sensor that when it reaches a preset temperature the fan will turn on. Copyright 2021 Standard Motor Products, Inc., Designed & Developed by Multimedia Solutions Pusher fans are used typically where there is a limited amount of space for a properly sized puller fan. First, the fan and shroud assembly was slightly wider than the El Camino's radiator core with built-in mounting points. (Electric fans in this position can then be turned off as the car motion moves enough air already). google_ad_client = "ca-pub-5724184763039528"; Just unbolt the old fan and install the new one. This means that almost 49% of the unshrouded radiator is not receiving any benefits from the fan. There's basically two types of fans used now: mechanical and electric powered fans. It stops the flow of coolant through the radiator until the coolant reaches the thermostat's preset temperature. 4) Check your radiator cap. With a puller fan, air would be drawn into the fan from the side gaps instead of from the other side of the radiator where it should be. Pollution laws, new oil blends and higher combustion gasoline have forced engine design changes that have increased operating temperatures over the past decade. The result is that once the engine is warmed up, the engine temperature gauge is rock steady - very little movement as you The result is a slow oscillation of the temperature gauge reading. Presenting another universal but budget-friendly model- … 6) Use the proper thermostat. These are usually the factory location for electric fans. Slipping belts or collapsed hoses mean trouble. They are controlled by either the engine's control unit (ECU) or by a separate controller that monitors You will also be able to identify the Exhaust side as you will see power wires entering the fan motor. in. This means that almost 49% of the unshrouded radiator is not receiving any benefits from the fan. - these are regular fixed blade fans that have a free wheeling clutch mechansim that when a specified temperature is reached, All shrouded fans should be on the engine side of the radiator. View our fan system -> google_ad_height = 15; 1801 Waters Ridge Drive, Lewisville, TX 75057 . The temperature will rise, reach a certain temperature then the fan will turn on and cool the engine You must have a radiator design that allows the air to pass effectively through the radiator (wider and taller is better than thicker). //-->,