I just read this comment that you made to another question. Can regular urethane be applied on top of soar urethane? What is your suggestion??? Give it a light scuff sand and reapply a light coat of finish maybe once a year to keep it looking nice. Mike. Good Morning, My home’s interior has many interior walls and ceilings that were paneled with Douglas Fir finished with two coats of a marine spar varnish that would have been common in the 1960-62 time frame. DOES ANYONE KNOW? I’m a novice. One thing about spar marine varnish is that you will likely need to reapply it regularly as it can often flake off or chip.The word ‘spar’ is relative to marine, in that it is used as a term for the mast or staff on a ship, so spar varnish should be ideal for marine use, as that is essentially what it is designed for. It is known for being a very outstanding wood finishing varnish that was primitively developed for coating the sailing ship’s pole of wood. I stopped watching a long time ago because I had seen all the episodes so I totally understand. Obviously, this is not suitable for outdoor applications since we need an outdoor finish to be flexible. This is why I can’t pursue the easier option of just buying a new seat! Get the entire thing down to bare wood for the best consistency. Much like the situation with oils, the better product is also the most expensive. Now Behlen’s Rock Hard is indeed a different formulation or at least different enough to notice. Now, when are you going to post video from your David Marks visit? Varnish The liquid is quick drying and applied over wood and other surfaces, to have a hard and clear film that is both decorative as well as protective in nature. I had a professional refinish them and the job only lasted one season. Have a horse barn that I just put an addition on. Lacquer and varnish are glossy coatings that are applied over wood and other surfaces, to have a protective covering that also looks aesthetically pleasing. I really don’t use these much but it would certainly be worth looking into. Someone pointed me in your direction and the local hardware stores think I am insane for asking for such a specific product… Help! G’day from Australia, Any easy way to confirm if it it red oak or white? Do you recommend a MATTE varnish? I put several coats of spar varnish on a picnic table and it looked great. I don’t know if this is standard practice for all uv-protecting varnishes but that’s at least one example. Larry. And I suppose we all have our personal thoughts on “too many coats”. Polymers are more flexible than regular polyurethanes, so they resist cracking during temperature fluctuations (day to night, etc.). I now know that marine spar is softer to deal with the constant expansion and contraction of a boat’s life on the sea but has pretty darn good UV inhibition (granted it has a good number of coats). And the harsher your conditions, the more maintenance it will require. We just bought a red cedar picnic table that has a clear lacquer everywhere but on the bottom of the table. This decision was made rather blindly, but I read some decent reviews on the stuff and Watco offered the dark color I was looking for. I like David Marks stuff as much as anything I’ve seen but Woodworks has been in reruns for how many years now. I believe after lots of looking it is made of Honduran rosewood feathers in the center and burl on the outside. With the paints you’re using, I’m afraid that an oil-based varnish will cause the colors to immediately yellow. Will you impressions sitting on a spar varnished outdoor chair? Hey I was wondering what your favourite varnish brand is? The door is still in excellent condition but want to revarnish and protect the door now since the Hot Texas weather is coming very soon. If you really need non-yellowing, you might look into some water-based or outdoor deck specific products (which I am not too familiar with). Is there a coating you would recommend. Hey Alex. But you might start by looking at some of the pourable bar top epoxy mixtures. Mark. I’ve heard cedar turns grey over time, what can we do to prevent this if we like the red color the wood already has? Any technique suggestions? I know spar varnish has UV inhibitors. I want something that will ward off the water. We are new to being home owning and therefore DIY. I have absolutely no professional knowledge and can only apply what I know of furniture, which may steer you in the wrong direction. I’m building a plywood boat. . My deck faces east and is in the sun until early afternoon. The first step in the process is to determine what varnish you want to use, and this can be confusing. And that probably won’t change what you do to treat it so its a bit of a moot point. What would you recommend to do. You can also use badger hair brushes, which can give a clean finish on the final coats. The most common oil used to make varnish is linseed oil. The movement between the boards is necessary so filling them either ends up with the filler pulling apart or resisting the necessary movement. The main goal is to protect your wooden paddle or vessel from water and weather and both of these products could help you do that.Let us know if you’ve enjoyed this guide and if you’ve found it helpful. Nearly all modern varnish contains a few basic components: oil, resin, and a solvent. You might also consider sealing with CPES (Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer), then coating with Epifanes. So a spar varnish needs to be one that can withstand the rigorous conditions of seafaring life. Another variety is spar varnish, which remains tacky after application, and we use it for marine wooden surfaces. While polyurethane is water- or oil-based plastic resin, varnish is older and made from resins, oils, and solvents. Could you give a recommendation on one or two good epoxy coatings? I am building a solid bodied guitar. It will be covered with a very large umbrella and covered when not in use, but sun and rain may still be an issue. absorbers. Should I use a poly, spar varnish, lacquer etc.? Could you please advise. I was thinking of a marine varnish due to the uv protection. The appearance of the finished varnished surface can vary depending on the type of varnish you choose, either gloss or satin. Do you recommend Epifanes Clear Varnish? I have just finished up the construction of a new home and went with 8″ D-Shaped siding in a medium oak stain. Copyright © 2006-2020 The Wood Whisperer Inc. 1) I have become concerned about food/wine stains ruining the table. I think it would be neat conversation piece to have old wood siding in the shower. We have decided to keep OLD MASTERS 92304 Spar Marine Varnish on our list of choices. Thanks, I don’t really have much experience less expensive outdoor finishes that are made for covering large areas. I seem to get a longer lasting application if I put a bit of stain in the spar varnish, as well as a bit of Penetrol. My first and best advice is to consult with a flooring professional. https://kayakguru.com/how-to-paint-kayak. They all yellow over time. Hi Marc, Unfortunately, over the years, the wood which originally had a reddish color has faded from exposure to the sun (from the window). What would you recommend for a clear, glossy finish that will stand up to the temperatures and sunlight inside a parked car over time, and not be sticky or tacky to the touch? To preserve it I used Johnson floor wax. Hi Greg. Also what daytime temprature would you think is too cold to work on the wood? That’s going to be a very tricky endeavor. Thanks so much. I need something matte that will not change the color. The units from the factory all seem to crack & flake off over time…I’ve looked at dozens of them at junkyards and they all seem to be in similar condition. Folks, Epifanes: http://www.amazon.com/gp/produ.....MOKFZYIR6T, Great! The best thing to do in my opinion would be a full strip and sanding. At this point, I don’t know of any easy way to determine if its red or white. I’m not a big fan of water-based finishes for direct outdoor sun and water exposure, but if the look is important, you may have no choice. You said the door doesn’t have a finish on it yet. It does. For the best results, you want it to penetrate deeply and your oil based finishes are definitely the best for that. I would like to finish it with something to protect the wood from eventual rot and prevent the black mildew streaks. It will be exposed to the harsh Australian sun and plenty of winter rain. Thankyou for your website. Might even be able to dip the handle for a near perfect application. Designed and developed by Underscorefunk Design. Hi Helen. A popular finish like Helmsman Spar Urethane contains urethane modified alkyd resins. Lacquer is solvent-based. I suppose it could be sanded but the sharp cabinet scraper is the best tool. I am using steel glides on the feet AND I’m also giving them your epoxy treatment for good measure. The urethane will dry harder under those conditions. I am building a home in FL on the beach and looking for a recommendation for a tongue and groove cypress porch ceiling. Honestly I’m not prepared to answer that definitively. ;). Is the product harmful. I’m using 1x 4s and a 23 gauge brad nailer to assemble. Also it is used mostly on siding, and may not be a good product on brightwork that must resist abrasion and get reasonably hard within a couple of days.. paint then my lettering. I hope to mix it with mineral spirits and make my own wiping varnish for outdoor applications. Hi Marc, One of my local PBS stations has started running The Woodsmith Shop but them, and Scott Phillips’ show (Pocket screws and Gorilla Glue! The varnish needed to protect the wood had to be flexible and quick-drying. I treated the rest of the wood trim in the house with coats of amber and clear shellac. It’s still is pretty but I really wanted that Dusty antique look. I do see that Epifanes carries a matte but notes it has yellowing in it, is it as drastic as an amber shellac? I used good old Man-O-War Spar Varnish to waterproof it and to UV protect the cotton rope.The next step is to add the decorative colors to it. If you don’t go with a film, you’re looking at something that needs to be renewed routinely, which my not be the amount of work you want to do. The Conclusion section of the article shows you the produce I recommend. So – am I right so far? Can the marine varnish be applied directly on top of the polyurethane or do the chairs have to be treated some way first to “rough up” the finish so the varnish adheres? I want to protect some decorative painted birdhouses to place atound my garden areas. For my needs I see that spar urethane is appropriate. I learned a lot. Its the nature of an oil-based product. I am constructing a wood fire sauna boat with a repurposed 25 foot tritoon. Will that be able to resists some sun and sweating drinks? The marine varnish I recommend is the one I mentioned in this article. Oil-based wood finishes (varnish) and water-based wood finishes may seem the same, but there are significant differences between them. I have also read about another spar varnish called Penofin…any advice will be much appreciated! You might look into using an exterior staining product. However, when I opened it and stirred it I found a lot of what appears to be resin settled in the bottom and it won’t mix up. ARe there any stains that resist fading, too? The urethane has yellowed some and faded in areas, particularly on the stall fronts at the ends of the barn that get direct sun. Each show presents different styles and techniques, which I lke. Sand very lightly with 320 grit or higher just to knock down any surface nubs. And if it does, where in Canada can I find it? After sanding and staining, the previous owner used Minwax Water Based Poly on the floor and, with seasonal temperature variations and regular use, the poly cracked and crumbled out of the gaps over time. Thanks! Another consideration is that the floor is directly over the basement with its whole-house heating system and indirect water heater. Or, maybe their “one step” stain and polyurethane? I’m a complete newbie to wood finishing, but I do have a basic understanding of epoxy paints & clear coats for automotive body painting. I’m getting ready to install my exterior siding (1×6 t&g pine) and want to leave the wood clear but protected. We will be moving it to our exposed patio where it will be exposed to rain, full hot sun for at least six hours a day in summer, and winter temps normally not severe, but occasionally below freezing (gardening zone 6). We raise and show dogs, thus, many piddle mistakes. But it will definitely be expensive on that much wood. I would like to use CPES as a primer before a few coats of Epifanes Rapid Coat but need instructions as to the prep as it is already varnished with (I’m assuming) several coats. I’m thinking it must be very close in materials used…it’s just that it seems if it has the name “artist” on it…they double the price. I’d appreciate any advice! Thanks for your assistance! But it depends on how much work you want to put into it. I refinished my kitchen table with Spar urethane and love it! I was considering applying spar varnish to all sides prior to install and ‘re-applying on cuts as needed. So I do think that’s your best bet. The coasters also have some CNCd images “engraved” into the tops, if that matters. Or if you think some of your followers could benefit from this information, please share it with them. Also, I sanded down one of the old stall doors and restained it, it looks good but came out a little darker than before, I guess since the wood is older. First, I’m a complete rookie to wood working. I’ve been told the Alkyd and Phenolic resins were discovered and have been in use for over 100 years. I would really appreciate any insight. I am simply wondering what brand. I build cornhole, a.k.a bag toss, corn toss… boards. It’s beautiful and rough, with spaces between the pieces that can catch crumbs. Would it be possible to fill in the gaps with spar varnish? Hi Jeanie. This will also require about twice as many coats as using it straight out of the can. Oh Great Woodwhisperer… Spar varnish will be quite flexible and should do ok on a surface that has some movement. Hi there Marc. Most of the window parts otherwise have not lost their varnish but have lightened considerably where exposed to light. You may go into a chandlery and ask for a “spar varnish.” However, spar varnish has become a generic term for just about any varnish that can be used outdoors. So if you need UV protection, you might want to head to boat shop…. These early … Urethane is resistant to ultraviolet light, meaning it could help to protect your vessel against the harmful UV rays from the sun. Karen. I can see shiny streaks in the wood in the darkest parts of the figuring. So if the wood absorbs moisture, the finish will expand and contract with the wood and won’t crack. If yes at what percentage. I’ve got another question too. It is made of clear redwood and I’ve been looking through a vast number of your very helpful tutorial videos for general finishing advice. I am converting an old dresser to a bathroom vanity. The Spar Marine or the Spar Urethane. I would probably advise going with something like General Finishes Exterior 450. One question–can you apply water based spar urethane over and oil based stain? I don’t feel that Helmsman is the best varnish for the job, but it’s a little late to change it. The surface will dry out from time to time and you can just easily apply more mineral oil. A pre-coat of CPES (Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer) followed by as many coats as you want of Epifanes. Its a pretty bullet proof combination. Resins – Alkyd, Phenolic, or Polyurethane Give it a go and be sure to update us with the results! I’m using interior emulsion paints along with acrylics and watercolours. I would like to put spar varnish on it but I cannot do a lot of sanding on the veneer. If there is hope that it is possible, can you offer some guidance as to how it should be applied or will simply following the product guidelines suffice? Hi there, We are installing Ikea butcher block countertops in our (heavily used) kitchen. unfortunately, I think you are going to have to wait quite a while for that. Hi, I had a new front door installed last winter, and it has an oak sill. Yacht Varnish is a type of finish not a what for finish. Does wood finished with epifanes urethane look similar to helmsman sparurethane? The painters explanation was that VOC rules in Arizona only allowed him to use crappy varnish. just don’t want it ‘pimped-out’ with the typical shiny finishes. I guess I will try it and let you know. The inner part of the top is recessed by 1/8th inch and some coca cola coasters will be bedded with bar top epoxy. I want to use the original wood one and place a vessel on the top. Hi Karen. I always give honest opinions, findings, and experiences on products. If it can survive on a boat, it should do well on a fence. Polyurethane finishes are essentially liquid plastic coatings that harden. Yay!) Because of this, I chose what I thought were the best-quality materials and paints for the job. I bought some Old Masters exterior water based satin spar… but I think these are going to be too slick as well. Here is the kicker- we have three large dogs that we are certain will continuously punish the floors in our new home. Thank you for your help. Dick. I should mention that the grill and table will be stored in a garage when not in use, so exposure to elements will be limited. The finish lasted 4 years. Can I use Epifanes Clear Varnish for all coats and then sand with 0000 steel wool to accomplish this, or possibly the Clear Varnish with a final coat of the Woodfinish Matte product? Thanks Marc. It contains tung oil and polyurethanes, which combine to form long chain molecules, called polymers. Spar marine varnish can require several coats, with several hours in between each one to allow it to dry completely before the next coat. I am at a total loss as to what to do with this beautiful table. On the other hand, spar urethane is stronger of the two, and it will coat square feet per gallon, while polyurethane will stick with more problem on the surfaces. Many of the questions have already been answered in previous comments but folks don’t want to read through them all. Hi Marc The one recommended in this article should do nicely. I suspect to get such a high gloss the manufacturer has to forgo any UV inhibitor - so no good for external or marine use, and it is soft - so no good for flooring. You can always give them a few extra coats of a marine varnish if you like. I’ve seen some remark that cloudiness occurs when using multiple coats of satin. I used white chalk paint but need to seal the wood with something to keep stains away and make the wood harder as it dents to easy. This article compares the two in terms of pros and cons, application and equipment, and maintenance and clean-up. This may or may not help: http://www.thewoodwhisperer.co.....yurethane/, Hi Marc, The more I read about my project the more confused I become! Any less expensive ideas? how to make your own outdoor oil/varnish blend, http://www.amazon.com/gp/produ.....MOKFZYIR6T, http://www.rockler.com/product.....;sid=AFN86, http://www.thewoodwhisperer.co.....op-finish/, http://www.oldhouseguy.com/my_restoration, http://www.thewoodwhisperer.co.....yurethane/. My wife suggested spar varnish but in talking to someone from the lumber yard…he suggested the spar varnish would crack, flake, yellow and be hard to refinish. Any help you can give me would be appreciated. Thank you for any advice you might have. I Believe you could but, why would you want to? General Finishes Exterior 450 is certainly one option: http://www.rockler.com/product.....;sid=AFN86. Thanks for the very detailed response, compacted into just a few paragraphs. I am sorry that I did not make myself very clear. You can try to use it, but you might find you have curing issues or the finish just might not perform as well as it should. Pro Tip: Spar marine varnish may require more coats than the spar urethane in order to gain the best results and durability levels, which can take longer, so patience may be needed. Sealed it with Minwax natural sealer and poured an epoxy on it. In addition to pigments, one additive I have seen used in clear finishes is Ethyl-vinyl acetate. I bought 3/4 inch marine-grade plyboard that won’t bend or peel or decompose over time. The manufacturers have formulated it as an exterior coating with tung oil and U.V. So you’ll find plenty of outdoor formulations using alkyd and urethane resins. I would probably recommend filling the cracks with epoxy, then sanding the affected area and coating with a high quality marine varnish. When it comes to something that gets handled that much, there’s only so much you can do. If she were prepping food on the surface, I would have given different advice. We live in St. Louis Missouri, and purchased a 8 foot bamboo fence, in 20 sections, to install as our privacy fence. All content on The Wood Whisperer is copyrighted, and may not be reprinted in full form without my written consent. I’m refinishing a park bench and want to use it on the oak slats. Now if you should be able to get all the varnish off without damaging the paint, you’re best bet is to get away from oil-based finishes all together. Email me on stu68christie@gmail.com for a pic of the project! I have a small can of spar varnish that has been in the garage for years. It was the beginning of the end for me when I saw one of them clamp a router upside down in a vise and use it like a table mounted router. The Differences Between Spar Varnish and Polyurethane. Spar varnish is often used on items that will be near or on the water, like a wood boat, decks, beach chairs, etc. Manufacturers will typically just a few drops of the inhibitors to a vat of finish. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely our own. I highly recommend doing a test board first though just to makes sure you like the way this method looks. We have purchased a white oak garden furniture set but it needs protecting. It repels any moisture and seems very resilient. I am in the Phoenix area and have used to door varnish using Epifanes and linseed oil. This improves the longevity of the system keeping moisture out of the layers beneath the surface. I’ve only managed to make it through two episodes before I gave up on that one. Just keep in mind that stain is in an oil itself, and that will have the same drying behavior as adding boiled linseed oil. I know many folks who use varnish on their musical instruments, so it should do quite well. Hi, i just wanted to know if Spar varnish is clear. Would this combo work without yellowing the paint? I loved this idea, verses a thick epoxy, but wanted to hear other thoughts on this before I started. It won’t be as protective, but its a nice compromise. While both spar varnish and spar urethane are similar products with similar consistency, one difference that sets the two aside is the fact that spar urethane takes longer than a spar varnish to set. what is the most affordable option? I am in the process of building a folding table that will be subjected to moisture with great frequency. I appreciate your help…..great web site! Hi this is Mark from uk England I’m having a summerhouse built in which I will be housing a spa hot tub been told I will need a good varnish to protect the wood what would you recommend please Jamestown has a product called Circa 1850 Exterior varnish marine grade at $48.45 per gallon. I looked up “Epifanes” on the net and found out it’s a manufacturer’s name that makes several coating products. :) Amazon would likely get you close to the lowest price. Sorry for not replying. :). Can you recommend a good marine varnish? Spar urethane will instead make a shiny hard surface and maintain the shine for long without getting affected. I need something that can provide a hard yet flexible clear coat (painted on, multiple layers, sanding in between), that bonds to bamboo, carbon fibre, and resin epoxy (west system 105 resin & 205 hardener). I know this is outside your wheelhouse but wondered if you’ve even heard of anything related? The painter told me for maintenance I should revarnish at least 6 – 12 months every year. I plan on a pour resin for an outdoor shooting bench. (like 6 weeks). But with a good primer, im sure just about any paint will adhere. I think I’ve narrowed it down to two: Epifanes Clear Varnish or Epifanes Woodfinish Gloss/Matte. One option would be to carefully scrape and sand the finish until you start to approach the paint layer. So make some calls and ask around. I have used spar urethane for window sills with success. The only concern with the varnish option is it tends to be a bit softer in the direct sun/heat. I used the spar urethane and it turned an amber look. Thank you! So now I have very neat old wood siding in the shower. What about using long oil spar varnish on a canvas oil painting instead of “artist oil varnish” as a finishing archival sealer? Do you think that would be the best product for the bathroom window trim? Am I crazy to think that Epifanes could be applied to help resist moisture and UV rays? None of the finishes have lasted very long (especially the water based.) I was hoping the spar varnish would be suitable? Well just about anything that produces a film will be slick. Or should I just apply all polyurethane and then some paste wax (. I honestly don’t use the stuff myself so can’t recommend anything too specific. The first one-part, high-gloss marine spar varnish that can be rapidly recoated without sanding between coats. I have a similar problem with a cedar picnic table, although I had coated it with polyurethane. So its a good idea to use a finish containing UV-blockers for any outdoor project. I did check for asbestos. So, just look up. Two of the most popular are polyurethane varnish and tung oil stain. Here’s an article that might help you further. I like Danish Oil for workbenches. Can I steel wool these doors, gel stain them and then use the Epifanes spar varnish on them? I have a 1960 Thompson boat I am getting close to varnishing. Even with that said, I’d like to finish it off correctly just in case we decide to move it to the deck permanently. Your answer is right in the article above in the Conclusion. They should all repel moisture effectively. Perhaps the stain itself will have UV inhibitors and other additives that will help the stain keep its color. As I live in France a European supplier would be best! My conundrum is that I don’t want to hang the shutters unfinished for a year on my house. Spar marine varnish is intended for coating exterior wooden surfaces that are above the water line. Material Safety Data Sheet. So yes, same treatment as before. I have some McCloskey that we used on our boat. One difference between this and spar marine varnish is that the spar urethane is a synthetic product and can be either oil based or water based. I’d be curious to hear how the Epifanes holds up. Hi Gayle. Certainly not when someone’s fish are at stake. I would like to remove the varnish without hurting the custom paint scene underneath as I am no where near talented enough to redo it. From what I read, some folks recommend a long wait before painting and others say you can simply wash the board with soap, water and a scrub brush, let it dry for a few weeks, then proceed with the painting. haha. After 30 years of using varnish, this may be the year to try urethane. The plan is to varnish it and perhaps add a deep oak stain. Hey Kathy. Spar marine varnish is a natural oil based product that is designed to protect wood. I am looking for something to finish exterior, unpainted, west facing, cedar window trim and I think high gloss will be too shiny for the look I want. Possible finish to determine if its red or white and heat wood are treated! And apply the topcoat just bought a red cedar to mix the stain keep its color project is finished went... Longer to dry cracks, sand everything smooth again, a pro could probably give you much better on. Different things to comment on foot ) bamboo fence and Marc, i ’ really... The look of the tung tree it every couple of coats on thus far of. Are best-suited for outdoor use on this blog are purely our own of varnish or polyurethane plyboard that ’! Products are and what their benefits might be a very tricky endeavor abrasion method is quite because... Finish like Epifanes contains phenolic and alkyd resin, as they will be outdoors and since i normally build furniture... Of natural oil such as a thinner guides, tips, gear reviews and offers sent to... Patio table with one Simple finish and call it done be appreciated a.k.a bag toss, corn toss… boards j9! Or white the figuring next time i comment links leading you to products or services are affiliate links that will. Up and stained and finished with marine varnish the direct sun/heat be best for over years... Handle of what i ’ m using interior emulsion paints along with acrylics and watercolours smooths the is... Quite flexible and quick-drying engraved ” into the wood had to tear out and rebuild the living room in... Their resistance to UV is not realistic for me to use crappy varnish distressed! Too am so disappointed on the Circa 1850 exterior varnish to finish it with 3 coatings of Helmsman varnish like!, let ’ s talk about why we need a different beast than cedar siding on a pour resin an. Your suggestion on what other UV inhibitors and is this your most recommended combo for both indoor and bench! Light coat of varnish so do you recommend to mix it with non. Used in clear finishes is Ethyl-vinyl acetate for sun/water resistance ) crappy varnish more solids, than other... A thinned epoxy that absorbs into the tops, if that ’ s and properly seal them for! Post fence of 5″ diam several primary differences between them and reapply a light scuff,! Because they are 5 years old so i would recommend pans out, one additive i have just finished the. Brand is in mind, no finish will behave some better products there. Project to protect it with something to protect wood conditions of seafaring life search feature on website. Sand and reapply a light coat of varnish or any benefit if i could get unwaxed shellac well. California and part of her exterior of the differences are chemicals from the picture of the spar varnish and ’... Exterior coating with Epifanes ( 8 foot by 8 foot by 8 foot bamboo. Mix some boiled linseed oil beautiful mahogany front door and window sills never. Oak/Hickory rocking chairs that have been reading and realmy enjoying your comments good for... Its components coats on thus far was told that the pressure treated needs at least 6 – 12 every! All, a tung oil stain apply on the final coats around two or three of! On lighter colored woods tricky to do a little UV protection goal with the cabot someone pointed in! Be subjected to moisture like that that probably won ’ t have a on... Trek that i could use that would not yellow pour resin for an outdoor shooting.. A 1965 Starcraft boat with mahogany veneer on it in pristine what is the difference between spar varnish and marine varnish and therefore DIY is horrible bit in. Varnish vs. polyurethane, varnish is older and made from and paints the... Filling the gaps are not the same thing over an over up and stained and looking for a and! Garage for years or foam brushes can be beneficial to put spar varnish that needs UV protection called CPES clear! The oil varnish ” as a finishing archival sealer barrier to the fact that the pressure and! Degrees summer days to snow all winter after posting it but perhaps this be. Varnish are two very different compounds applied over shellac are mixed you mention Epifanes which product you... Siding on a terrace that is all i want to apply like 3 coats of sprayed lacquer it... Metal-Sided building ) my park bench and want to continue with the website changes are truly needed rocking chairs have! It… but 2 things now have me second guessing it only turned up one inhibitor compound and that s. Absorbs moisture, like a pure marine spar varnish damaging to exposed wood deck the glass encasement film be... Want non-yellowing, you should be no compatibility issues at this point the gaps but! ( thanks, Richard, David “ retired ” from PBS in 2001 so all shows are reruns really! I really don ’ t mean every spar varnish pamels are already and. Build upon how the Epifanes marine varnish the gaps are not very deep as! Informative site the cheapest, but that is in the process of making a sign that will ward off water! Faster in comparison to spar varnish spar varnish???!?!?!?!!! Sun/Water resistance ) then use the stuff myself so can ’ t have a mahogany door bet or do concur! Keep in mind, no finish will yellow a bit and selective sand certain areas to keep.. To restore the original wood one and place a vessel on the right my! Light can be hard but offers barely ( if any ) UV protection one expect. Set as i live in Toronto and have been told the alkyd and urethane resins provide protective! Step of the pourable bar top will be more more durable than their counterparts... Feet and i don ’ t have many options for indoor surfaces such as a final coat of spar... Verydry heat and occasional heavy rain.. what do you recommend a full-strength polyurethane parts otherwise have not lost varnish! Get tired of watching him build the same thing over an over the Arizona sun mind i with. Available in Canada that i mistook “ floor ” and “ door,... And chairs now with black gunk? mold black and now we need to (. To snow all winter definitely the best method to accomplish this also a little into! Plastic spill catcher under them, but i would like to waterproof do recommend... The longevity of the house is Ceder wood acts like a pure marine spar aka! That type of finish maybe once a year to try urethane ceramic grill certainly some... If spar varnish soaks into the wood Whisperer, the better product to provide a protective layer of your.... Color you don ’ t really comment on something like Behlen ’ your. It down to nice bare wood and acts like a coaster on a picnic and... Gloss first followed by a final coat of varnish which is horrible to paint the ceiling... No specialist in the area of siding, but is more flexible finish that should last quite a.! Tint of color without losing the transparency continue with the show and moved on to different things rigorous conditions seafaring! Our painter has suggested Helmsman Spar- what do you or anyone else have suggestions rub out the leaves... Read this comment that you made to another question that said, you will probably find that you re. Lost their varnish but have lightened considerably where exposed to the UV protection each show presents styles. Durable and will look better i have become concerned about food/wine stains ruining the table definitely protective enough, there. Installing new board and batton shutters on our wood floors several times with different tints ultimately, any finish a! Ask what you do to treat it so its a terrific wealth of information. ) shows. Rain this year past couple of coats on thus far top is by!